997: Why Introverts Make Great Real Estate Agents – Barry Karch

October 28, 2021

When most people picture a real estate agent, they think of someone salesy and outspoken: an extrovert. But today’s guest, Barry Karch, says that some of the best real estate salespeople are actually introverts. Tune in and discover how an introvert’s unique personality traits can be leveraged for superhuman success in sales. Plus, we discuss the El Paso real estate market, the reason why most people never remember their Realtor, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Barry Karch [1:43]
  • How Barry got into real estate [2:11]
  • Will a college degree help your real estate career? [3:50]
  • What Barry would change about his first few years as an agent [5:45]
  • Why you must stay top of mind for repeat business [6:57]
  • Barry’s pre- and post-pandemic sales [10:02]
  • The El Paso real estate market [11:01]
  • Introverted personality traits [16:53]
  • Barry’s advice for introverted real estate agents [18:25]
  • How Barry got leads in the ‘80s compared to how he gets them today [20:16]
  • Barry’s #1 recommendation for introverted real estate agents [24:18]
  • One of the best inexpensive gifts for potential clients [25:38]
  • Advice for everyone on how to succeed in real estate [26:36]
  • Barry’s experience with real estate referrals via Homelight [29:53]
  • Barry’s real estate market predictions [32:17]
  • The Real Estate UnSalesperson podcast [32:52]
  • Why Barry, an introvert, loves real estate [33:48]

Barry Karch

Barry Karch has always considered himself an unlikely Realtor – quiet, introverted, unsalesy. Not your prototypical formula for success! Yet, Barry has been a top selling Realtor for 36 years, selling as many as 100 homes per year. He has come to realize that being an introvert in real estate gives him many advantages over his more extroverted colleagues. He has created a podcast called The Real Estate UnSalesperson to encourage and inspire his fellow introverted Realtors and has just launched the UnSalesperson community (find info at patreon.com/unsalesperson). His mission is to teach introverts that they have what it takes to succeed in real estate.

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