1031: Forget the Haters and Forge Ahead With Cami Lincowski

March 21, 2022

Starting a new career is never easy, but real estate can be especially unforgiving. On today’s podcast with Cami Lincowski, we discuss ways for new agents to build confidence and competence while facing fierce competition. Cami also shares social media tips, her experience with paid real estate leads, and the benefits of building good relationships with other Realtors. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Why Cami Lincowski got into real estate [4:40]
  • Cami’s first year in real estate [5:57]
  • Getting great leads from the people you already know [7:09]
  • An example of good client service paying off years later [9:43]
  • The problem with 90 percent of other agents [10:40]
  • Prices on Las Vegas real estate right now [14:03]
  • Weeding out creepy prospects on social media [15:13]
  • How to handle haters [18:56]
  • Cami’s thoughts on Zillow’s overpriced real estate leads [20:29]
  • Cami’s preferred source for paid leads [24:42]
  • Real estate sales goals for this year [26:02]
  • Covid’s impact on Las Vegas real estate [27:15]
  • Mindset and strategy shifts for more sales [29:35]
  • Simple, smart ways to generate real estate leads [29:50]
  • Cami’s favorite things about real estate [32:53]
  • How good relationships with other agents will help you close deals [35:57]
  • A great way to get free real estate leads on social media [37:35]
  • Advice on building relationships with other agents [40:14]
  • Where to follow Cami Lincowski [41:22]

Cami Lincowski

Born in Puerto Rico & raised in Miami, FL – Camila moved to Las Vegas in 2015 and built her clientele from the ground up. Out of 17,000 agents in Clark County, Camila tops the list amongst her peers.

Camila’s clients range from professional athletes to performers on the strip. She pays attention to detail and is not a 9-5 agent, but a 24/7 agent. Never will you deal with Camilas assistants, solely her. With Camilas husband being the top lender in Las Vegas, they make an unstoppable team. Camila limits her buyers because she likes to give her undivided attention to her clients; from start to finish, she is there to guide her clients to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Camila is all about quality, not quantity and looks forward to hopefully assisting you on purchasing your new home.

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