1216: Systems for Saving Your Inefficient Real Estate Business With Caroline Hobbs

February 19, 2024

Is inefficiency killing your real estate business? Implement the systems discussed in this Real Estate Rockstars and stop letting sales slip through your fingers! Today’s guest, Caroline Hobbs, is an expert on real estate systems and has automated almost everything necessary to get contracts closed. Listen and learn about real estate CRMs, email marketing, and more! Shelby and Caroline also offer advice for new agents on where to start with systems for optimal results.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars Podcast [0:00]
  • Caroline Hobbs’ start in real estate [1:32]
  • How to make it easy for real estate agents to use your CRM [3:20]
  • Reasons why Realtors don’t use their CRM [6:24]
  • The problem with Zapier integrations [8:30]
  • What it takes for your marketing efforts to work [9:15]
  • A follow-up campaign for new buyer prospects [12:17]
  • How to nurture your real estate prospects [14:50]
  • Measuring ROI to find the right services and strategies [16:38]
  • Caroline’s favorite real estate apps and services [18:30]
  • How Open To Close helps Caroline close transactions more efficiently [26:46]
  • Tips for getting started when building out systems [32:07]
  • The value of networking with other real estate agents [38:14]
  • Tools for keeping track of your tasks [39:10]
  • Email tools for and recommendations for real estate agents [41:44]
  • Advice for real estate agents: get a system and stick to it [46:44]
  • Real estate events on Caroline’s radar [48:16]
  • Where to find and follow Caroline Hobbs [49:33]

Caroline Hobbs

Caroline Hobbs, the visionary behind Reward Realty, brings unparalleled commitment and tech proficiency to Silicon Valley’s real estate scene. Her journey started in 2008 at Keller Williams, mastering database management. In 2013, she addressed agents’ system management challenges by establishing Reward Realty, an entity reflecting her passion for real estate and technology, offering an efficient, automated experience for transactions. Inspired by her mother’s successful realtor career, Caroline’s goal has been to transform the process of finding homes into an enjoyable journey.

Today, Caroline is recognized for her client-oriented methodology and ability to convert challenges into opportunities. She quickly responded to market shifts, including the increased home office demand due to COVID-19, and proactively ensured favorable outcomes for her clients. Caroline and her team at Reward Realty, with a persistent focus on innovation and client satisfaction, are steering the future of the real estate industry.

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