1164: Scale Your Real Estate Sales With Social Media – Conor Kelly

July 27, 2023

Looking for proven ways to win new real estate business? Today’s guest, Conor Kelly, shares what’s worked for him when it comes to making sales via social media. Tune in and hear how to create engaging content on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, content that will generate new real estate leads for years to come. Aaron and Conor also discuss why new builds are great for today’s buyers, how to manage a real estate team, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Conor Kelly’s start in real estate [3:25]
  • Why Conor and Aaron love social media [6:30]
  • Getting real estate leads from TikTok [11:21]
  • Why TikTok is such a powerful platform for Realtors [15:53]
  • It’s not too late to get on social media now [18:36]
  • How to handle inbound real estate leads [20:38]
  • Why new real estate agents should get on YouTube [23:09]
  • Tips for creating real estate content on YouTube [26:35]
  • Opportunities for buyers with new builds [31:08]
  • Advice on managing a real estate team [35:12]
  • Where to find and follow Conor Kelly [37:13]

Conor Kelly

Conor is a young and outgoing real estate professional that prides himself on his work ethic. His drive and competitiveness have led him to pursue a career in real estate. Before real estate, Conor was a Red Seal Plumber with over 9 years of plumbing experience. This experience has help shaped Conor’s “can-do” attitude and developed his willingness to do the things others won’t.

Before joining the workforce, Conor immersed himself in playing soccer, lacrosse, and working out. If you don’t find him on the field or at the gym, you will find him tuning into a basketball game as he is an avid Toronto Raptors fan.

Conor is always reading a book or consuming educational content as he is a habitual self-educator and self-improvement addict.

“Be obsessed or be average” –Grant Cardone.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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