Maintaining top-of-mind awareness with the people in your SOI doesn’t have to be expensive. For as little as $1 per day, you can reach out and touch your best business source with Facebook ads. Today’s guest, John Pohly, explains exactly how to target your SOI cheaply and effectively using Facebook and a simple step-by-step system. Not only that, John also shares actionable advice on building a better house-value funnel by taking advantage of the right Facebook advertising features. If you want to master the most effective platform for real estate advertising, do not miss this episode of Real Estate Rockstars!

john pohly

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • John’s brief bio [3:42]
  • John’s original claim to fame [4:14]
  • Where to advertise in order to get the best ROI [6:17]
  • How to market directly to your SOI with Facebook ads [8:43]
  • An alternative to calling expired listings [12:06]
  • How to make your house-value funnel even better [13:14]
  • A way to generate hot buyer leads for as little as $2 [18:58]
  • How to get one of John’s books for FREE [22:21]
  • John’s 6-step system for creating lifetime clients [22:39]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

John Pohly

As a 3rd generation real estate agent, John Pohly has been active in the housing industry for 17 years and uses his personal experience in real estate, home mortgage and residential construction to teach others. John Pohly’s team at iPohly Inc. ( are a bunch of “rainmakers” that “operate in the future” according to numerous coaching client testimonials.

As the winner of the lead generator contest at the world’s largest real estate brokerage (before moving to eXp Realty) – John Pohly developed a very specific set of Facebook advertising strategies that have been perfected for the housing industry over the past few years (learn more at

Pohly published The Ultimate Conversion Funnel Blueprint to show the world his 6-step formula to building a world-class sales F.U.N.N.E.L. (book on In 2016, John published another book, The Facebook Streaming Video Guide for Real Estate and Business two days before Facebook announced that they had just released the technology for Facebook Live to all business owners (download at

John Pohly’s 1,000 live webinar appearances and an iTunes podcast covering a wide range of lead generation topic have added to John’s recognition as a leader in the world of internet marketing. In the past 5 years, John has coached some of the top agent teams internationally, and continues to expand his following with his coaching and marketing plans.

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