1182: Former KW MAPS CEO Shares the Secret to Becoming More: Dianna Kokoszka

October 12, 2023

Are you longing for more beyond your current circumstances? To be more? To do more? To have more? Today’s guest, Dianna Kokoszka, helped countless Realtors become more while serving as the CEO of Keller Williams’ MAPS coaching program. And now, she’s striving to help more people, including listeners like you, reach their true potential. Listen and learn how Dianna took MAPS coaching from a program that was losing money to one that generated over $500 million per year by transforming real estate agents’ lives for the better. Dianna also shares several can’t-miss tips from her upcoming book, Becoming More: You Can’t Get to Better Until You Get to Different. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Dianna Kokoszka’s first year in real estate: 104 homes sold [2:22]
  • The beginning of buyer’s agents [4:56]
  • How wrong things can go when you don’t watch your money [6:33]
  • Transforming KW MAPS Coaching into a $500 million business [8:42]
  • The power of the right mindset [9:52]
  • Advice on turning a failing business into a huge success [11:33]
  • Breaking out of your mental cage [15:00]
  • The difference between attitude and mindset [16:10]
  • The seven mindsets of limitation and the seven of liberation [17:22]
  • What dictates the decisions you make [19:38]
  • Bringing out the best in your people [23:51]
  • KW MAPS success stories [27:06]
  • The steps for scaling a real estate business [32:21]
  • Training your brain for success [37:21]
  • Learning from the leaders of thought [39:01]
  • What Blockbuster, RadioShack, and Sears taught us [40:43]
  • Get to better by getting to different [42:18]
  • Mentorship and adding value [42:35]
  • Where to find and follow Dianna Kokoszka [44:19]

Dianna Kokoszka

As CEO of Mega Achievement Productivity Systems (KW MAPS Coaching), Dianna Kokoszka was responsible for building the most powerful coaching and mastermind program in the industry. She led a team of more than 35 coaches, who provided coaching programs tailor-made to help their clients.

In 2009, Dianna created the BOLD (Business Objective: Life by Design) program, which instantly took hold and transformed the careers and beliefs about what was possible for thousands of real estate professionals.

Passionately committed to providing a high level of motivation and accountability to her clients, Dianna has over 30 years of real estate experience. Formerly as team leader of the Keller Williams Realty Denver-West Market Center, she pioneered documentation and accountability systems for real estate agents, helping others to draw upon her prior success as a mega agent.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and industry renown have resulted in many industry honors and awards, including the Stevie Award for the Best Sales Coaching Program; an appointment to the President of the United States’ Business Advisory Council; Denver Entrepreneur of the Year in 1984 and 1991; and Denver Businesswoman of the Year in
1986, 2003 and 2004.

Kokoszka’s tenacity and ingenious methods have not only brought her press coverage, they’ve brought her big business. She believes we are all creative, resourceful and whole. May we empower others to actively engage and participate in their own evolving transformations.

She is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of Certified Coaches, an author of 19 system books for real estate offices, and loves to add value to others.

Dianna is the author to her new book Becoming More – published with the John Maxwell Publishing Company.

Despite her impressive achievements, Dianna believes that her greatest titles are wife, mother, and grandmother. She lives with her husband, Tony DiCello, on Lake Travis in Lakeway TX, where she loves to waterski or sit on the dock and read her Bible. She enjoys a good clean joke, traveling, reading, and spending her time with her 3 boys and 4

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