SOTM 29: Common Real Estate Myths and the Drivers of Industry Change

October 30, 2019

On today’s State of the Market, Ian Lobas and Erin Wheelock discuss the drivers of change in our industry and what agents can expect the real estate landscape to look like several years from now. Ian and Erin then offer advice to agents who want to stay successful regardless of how different tomorrow’s markets may be. The show then comes to a close with a list of common real estate myths that often cause major headaches for agents.

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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Erin Wheelock’s brief bio [3:01]
  • Why the iBuyer model might not work in Manhattan [4:51]
  • What will happen to agents in a few years [10:01]
  • The iSquatter phenomenon [17:10]
  • Thoughts on pocket listings [21:46]
  • A company making cash offers on behalf of buyers [27:32]
  • How to stay successful as the industry changes [37:06]
  • What holds agents back from video marketing [43:51]
  • Three things driving change in the industry [46:25]
  • Common real estate myths [50:36]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Erin Wheelock

On television, you may see shows with real estate professionals holding chic NYC open houses with mimosas and think that it is just a pipe dream done for TV ratings – as a matter of fact, this dream of a luxury open house experience comes true with our Listing Specialist, Erin.

With nearly 8 years in the industry, Erin can easily be classified as a seasoned real estate professional with specializations in market numbers, quality, knowledge and care of the home you are eager to sell. Erin has a keen eye for the small details in a home that can make all of the difference in the buyer’s perception. Whether it is finding simple ways to brighten each room or having particular dishes laid out, she knows how to anticipate buyer behavior and make the selling experience very positive. In addition to understanding buyer psychology, she is highly committed to helping you build wealth as a Homeowner. Erin’s ability to strategize successful negotiations is a direct result of her extensive knowledge and her adept skill in educating her clientele in making the best possible decision with their equity.

Erin is part of the elite top 5% of her Keller Williams NYC office, is the Wellness, and Culture ambassador for KWNYC, and she also spearheads the efforts of the Keller Williams internal charity, KW Cares, where she utilizes her talents to fundraise to support those in need. Needless to say, Erin has an extremely strong work ethic and is very dedicated to the real estate industry as well as helping people.

Originally from Burlington, WI, Erin attended Viterbo University and earned a BFA in Musical Theater. Erin currently resides on the Upper West Side and in her spare time, she loves to travel and be with her family and friends. Erin is highly enthusiastic, self-motivated, completely accessible and is ready to help you grow your net worth, and protect your equity. If you would like to connect with Erin to learn more about how she could assist with your next home sale, contact her today.

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