822: Sell 100+ Homes per Year as a Solo Agent with James Nay

August 26, 2019

For a 26-year-old Realtor, James Nay already has a long list of accomplishments. Not only was James just selected as one of NAR’s 30 Under 30 honorees, he closed out 2018 with 104 sales as a solo agent. More impressive still, James did the legwork for these deals himself, which helped him hit a profit margin of over 90 percent. On today’s show, James discusses how he’s able to get so much done without a team behind him and why he wouldn’t have it any other way. James also offers some great advice for agents and gives tips on getting clients when you’re brand new in the business. Don’t miss it!

james nay

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • James’ brief bio [2:13]
  • James’ sales in the last 12 months [6:35]
  • James’ GCI and profit figures [7:08]
  • Why James doesn’t want to hire help [14:18]
  • How James educates his buyer clients [17:30]
  • What James’ average workday looks like [22:15]
  • Ways to show clients how grateful you are for their business [25:58]
  • How scheduling helps James take time for himself [28:37]
  • A great way to get business as a brand-new agent [34:20]
  • James’ others sources of business [43:04]
  • Advice for brand-new agents [46:50]
  • Why NOT to push a buyer-broker agreement on potential clients [48:35]
  • James’ prediction on where the industry is going [54:57]
  • How to turn current tenants into future clients [57:43]
  • How James stays positive and motivated [59:27]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

James Nay

James Nay was born and raised in Chesterfield County with a passion for real estate from a very young age. His father was a real estate agent which sparked a fire inside James to constantly watch the market, ask questions, and view properties. After studying economics at Old Dominion University for four years James began investing in real estate. He owns many rentals, has flipped many homes, and has an in depth understanding of construction. Outside of real estate James is rooted in the Richmond Metro community. James serves on the board of two non profits (The Healing Place- Vice President, and The Highland Support Group- Treasurer). With a passion to “Give-Back” and the drive to help clients obtain their Dream home by representing them with a refreshing hands on level of service, James has built an amazing real estate career.

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