648: How to Go from Two Listings in Four Years to Over 40 per Year with Jennifer Myers

May 9, 2018

Jennifer Myers will be the first to admit that she had a slow start in real estate. She only managed to sell two houses her first four years as an agent. Somewhere along the way, however, something changed. Now, she sells over 40 homes per year and runs a highly successful brokerage. She also loves her job because she only works with the people she actually wants to help. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, she shares how any agent can ramp up business while working with the clients they love.

jennifer myers

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Jennifer’s brief bio [2:47]
  • Why Jennifer partnered with RLAH [4:18]
  • The number of houses Jennifer sold last year [5:37]
  • Jennifer’s commission and profit figures [6:50]
  • The structure of Jennifer’s brokerage [7:21]
  • Why Jennifer started Agent Grad School [8:32]
  • The three steps to getting more of the clients you love [9:47]
  • Advice on where and how to market your real estate business [20:51]
  • Why and how to segment your email list [27:10]
  • How Jennifer comes up with email marketing content [28:27]
  • Jennifer’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [39:04]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Jennifer Myers

As founder of DWELL Residential Brokerage, Jennifer is excited to share her philosophy about real estate – making it hip, fun, and accessible to first-time buyers and sellers (and even for you second or third timers!).

Jennifer is passionate about the potential of real estate in changing lives for the better.

Real estate should be a financial tool to get you from where you are to where you want to be both physically and financially. DWELL in Possibility is Jennifer’s motto and mantra, and she’s excited to share this with you. Your home should reflect the real you, so Jennifer will work hard on finding a home and location that fits perfectly into your life and where you want to go – financially, physically, and mentally.

Jennifer is passionate in advocating for first-time buyers. She totally understand the concerns and doubts of first-time buyers since she’s a young homeowner herself. That’s why Jennifer switched careers, became a real estate agent and vowed to never let what happened to her, ever happen to you or anyone else! Don’t panic!

When Jennifer bought her first home in 2002, her agent NEVER told her she could have received $50,000 through a first-time homebuyer assistance program. Jennifer was clueless these programs even existed. Now she knows better and is knowledgeable about every local and federal program out there. She makes sure all of her clients are informed about any little-known programs that can save them money when purchasing a home. It was too late for her, but not for you!

Jennifer went into real estate genuinely wanting to help people realize their home ownership dreams in the most affordable way possible.

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