1050: No Sphere? No Problem! Niche Marketing With Jessica Hubbard

May 30, 2022

When Jessica Hubbard moved to Missouri, she didn’t have a sphere of influence to rely on for real estate business. Thanks to niche marketing, she didn’t need it. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, we discuss how to find the right niche, where to start with niche marketing, and more. Listen in and learn how to provide your ideal clients with meaningful value.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Joplin, Missouri’s shifting housing market [5:17]
  • Rising interest rates [5:00]
  • About Hubbard Realty Group [7:52]
  • The average home price in Joplin, Missouri [9:33]
  • Building business without a sphere to rely on [10:45]
  • Providing value without any expectations [14:12]
  • Books that impacted Jessica’s real estate business [16:19]
  • Advice on finding a niche [19:13]
  • What agents need to know about niche marketing [20:28]
  • Connecting closely with your niche [21:55]
  • Where to start with niche marketing [29:19]
  • A unique way to provide value to educators [33:06]
  • Automating systems for more success [38:25]
  • Shiny-object syndrome [40:00]
  • The biggest problem with the real estate industry today [41:45]
  • Jessica’s predictions for the housing market [46:44]
  • How to reach out to Jessica Hubbard [47:37]

Jessica Hubbard

Jessica is the Founder and CEO of Hubbard Realty Group, an Independent Brokerage serving Joplin and Kansas City, MO. She started her real estate career in 2011 as an Executive Assistant. During this time, she discovered a love for building a business and envisioned building a real estate team from the operations side. In 2016, she hired her first agent, launched Hubbard Realty Group (with Keller Williams at the time), and never looked back. Jessica is an “owner with an ops brain”. She loves building things. More importantly, she’s passionate about helping build people, by helping them build things. “I want to be a guiding light and helpmate to my clients.” Her gift is in finding the holes, helping clients sift through to clarity, and setting up the dominoes that will impact their businesses.

Jessica has a voracious appetite for knowledge. She loves taking the knowledge she’s learned and using it in her other passion: creatively building. Whether that be the real estate team, a painting, or a welding project, Jessica thrives in a space where she can think beyond tradition and architect a new vision. Her German background means many in her family are builders, architects & engineers. Jessica hones her business similarly with systems, tools, knowledge, and people. She is blessed to work daily with her biggest supporter, her husband Kalan, who is the Lead Listing Agent for HRG. Navigating a work-life balance, especially in front of a team, has made them better partners in life, in business, and better leaders as well. Together they have a daughter, Quinn, who enjoys living and learning in such a “thinking outside of the box” environment.

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