979: How to Convert Prospects Before the First Conversation with Krista Mashore

July 8, 2021
Krista Mashore has been a Rockstar Realtor from the start. Her first year in real estate, she sold 69 homes by herself. And now, with 20 years of experience under her belt, Krista’s gotten so good at marketing that she’s able to convert prospects before their first conversation. Buyers and sellers constantly call in eager to hire her, and she joins us today to explain why. Listen and learn why agents must put marketing first in order to become top producers. You’ll also discover several unique marketing strategies that will set you apart from the competition.
Listen to today’s show and learn:
  • Will the housing market crash? Krista’s thoughts [2:06]
  • Pricing during the ’06 housing bubble compared to today [4:42]
  • How Krista found her first clients [6:14]
  • Krista’s advice for brand-new real estate agents [7:47]
  • A strategy for winning listings right now via video [9:32]
  • How to win listings by publishing a highly targeted book [12:57]
  • The best thing about video marketing [18:06]
  • Why it’s almost impossible to get a video to rank organically [20:45]
  • Krista’s best source for real estate leads [23:47]
  • Why agents must master marketing in order to become top producers [24:32]
  • Krista’s tips for getting buyers’ offers accepted in 2021 [28:15]
  • Krista’s coaching program for agents who want to boost conversion [30:12]
  • How to host open houses virtually [34:10]
  • Why mindset is essential for an agent’s success [36:04]
  • What 2020 taught us about diversification [39:22]
  • Krista’s two-day coaching program [44:08]
Krista Mashore Coach, author, trainer, speaker and broker Krista Mashore developed a highly successful real estate career before turning her attention to sharing the secrets to her success through her writing, coaching, speaking and trainings. Krista has sold just around 2,000 homes in her career and has been ranked in the Top 1% of real estate agents in the entire nation. Krista’s innovative approach flies in the face of conventional wisdom about how real estate agents, other Professionals, and all Business Owners should promote and market themselves. Through her best selling books, coaching, webinars, and courses, Krista offers step-by-step instruction so others can achieve that same success. Krista lives in Northern California with her husband and three children. An active member of her community, her latest non-profit organization, Teens Lifting Lives, a mentoring and peer coaching group that gives young people the tools and encouragement they need to achieve their own success.
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Aaron Amuchastegui  00:32

Real Estate Rockstars Hey, this is Aaron, would you say today I’m interviewing Krista Mashore out in the Bay Area. Before we hit record. We started talking like crazy about you know, being investing in the same market some really, really fun stories that we will probably get to discuss when I’m on her podcast. Later. You guys are gonna hear more about her podcast later. But she is calling in today from San Francisco. Krista. How’s it going out there?


Krista Mashore  00:54

I’m great. I’m great. Thanks for having me. Aaron. I mean, we can we can talk for hours I was getting like remembering the good old days the bad.


Aaron Amuchastegui  01:01

The good bad the 2009 to 2012 era of foreclosures and banks on short sales and Oreos. Right now people are worried we’re at a kind of related to that people are kind of like, Hey, we’re at a peak right now. And is there going to be another crash? I tell myself that I think that there’s it feels a lot like the peak from back then. But it also feels like it’s just gonna keep on going. What do you feel like you’re in San Francisco very different. I’m in Austin, Texas. So it feels like everything is like what’s going to break this year in San Francisco. When I looked at a neighborhood in there recently, there was a ton of houses for sale in neighborhood and they range from like 5 million to 50 million in the same like six blocks. So what do you feel like the markets doing and gonna be doing?


Krista Mashore  01:44

Just to be clear, I’m I’m about an hour from Sandra, you said you were from Sacramento. I’m in Brentwood. So I’m in the middle between Sacramento and San Francisco. I live in discovery Bay. So um, so here’s what I think I’ve sold, I’ve sold like, hundreds and hundreds of foreclosures, probably over 1000 I you know, it’s like crazy foreclosures. And back then when that when the market crash, they were selling, you know, a paper DBQ whereas a paper houses were appraising from one day to the next 200,000 more, you know, there was just so much fraud that was going on. And you know, in the mortgage industry, I think that had a lot to do with it. And those kinds of things are not happening now. Right, like you they want your firstborns blood type to get alone, you know, there’s high, There’s very, very strict appraisal guidelines. You just don’t see those indicators. And I you know, if you do all the research, right, and all the experts are analyzing through 2022, we’re gonna still see appreciation around three and a half percent is what they’re predicting. And but I think that within the next 12 to 18 months, based upon the unemployment and all that, that we may see, like a 10 12% drop, I think we might see a little bit of a drop. But I but nothing like I mean in my area, and we’re in where you were Sacramento, we declined 75 and 80%. I mean, we, you know, million dollar homes. We’re going for 200,000 I’m not even exaggerating it all it was that bad around here. Yeah. So we won’t see that. I can’t imagine but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a 10% drop in about a year, year and a half. That’s just my opinion. Yeah,


Aaron Amuchastegui  03:10

that’s cool. The not a lot of you’re unique in that and I love being able to hear all sorts of that. But you got to see some of the craziness before we were we were homebuilders in oh seven and down in Atwater houses that were previously getting listed for 700,000 ended up selling for like 100 120 it was, it was nuts, new homes to sell, like the people 700 like, like people like what causes the foreclosure crisis? Well, if you bought if you bought a house for 700 and someone else got the same house for 100 in your neighborhood A year later, like that sucks. Like you’re you’re not keeping that house Why would you you can’t sell it you can’t anything’s everyone’s like, Alright, I’m done.


Krista Mashore  03:50

And you can’t like we couldn’t advise people you know, to to short sale but it’s like I literally can’t tell you what to do. But I mean, like it’s gonna be a while and and so many people stuck. Not so many people in most people actually did foreclosure short sale, but it’s like, it took them so many years to get back. And we’re now finally back we’re back to where we were right in our area. So I’m selling houses now. Like actually the same houses I sold back then I’m reselling them now for so this is crazy. I’m going to get onto a tangent but so my parents, we bought a new home, right? They bought a house two doors down for me two years and one day later. So we bought their house for 499,002 years. And one day later, I sold their house for 1.17. So more than double in two years. That’s just not normal. That’s not normal appreciation. That’s it should never have happened, right? And that’s the reason why but you’re not seeing that now. Now we’re seeing you know, bidding wars 100,000 over and all that we are we are seeing that it’s kind of starting to slow down in the upper you know, million million dollar range, because where I’m at the average price point is around 750. But my average price prints around a million. But we’re starting to see that just a little bit kind of slow down from where you know, from the past couple months, because it’s just been crazy time with blue. taury and also to another thing that why it might not be so bad is because lumber is so expensive they’re not building as many new homes there’s not as many new homes that are going to be that are that, you know, permits that have been pulled. So, you know, we’re we’re fine we’re not going to crash like that so I wouldn’t stress


Aaron Amuchastegui  05:16

that’s really cool. So the when people are saying it feels a lot like the last crash, they said, you guys should go back and listen to what Chris just said where it’s, it’s different. There’s some similarities of stuff. And there’s some similar things that might happen but but similar is like a very loose word. Because there’s so many things that are still so different so very different. When did you get your license? When you first license in 2000? was a hacker 20 years 20 years the answer back then real estate that was right when real estate kind of started to boom again, the I guess end of 2001 2002 they started lowering interest rates in 2001 2002. Where Where were you when you got like three and branwen when you first got like I was


Krista Mashore  05:53

in graduate I sold a 69 houses my first year in the all buyers I worked by myself with no other help CCI homes, all buyers, right?


Aaron Amuchastegui  06:01

How did you get your first deal? How did you get all of your customers your first year in real estate, that’s what we do 69 houses their first year,


Krista Mashore  06:08

back then I did like open houses and the normal thing. But I always try to look at what everyone else was doing and try to do it better. So like, for example, my first listing that I got, so while everybody else was doing, you know, black and white flyer, if they were even doing flyers, I back then was doing four page color brochures and I would put like a little CD on the house that had like 50 pictures in it. And then I would I would ever despite my properties on TV, I just like the investor got a loan out and just created every listing, like, you know, once I got a listing like it was gold, you know. And then once I got my first listing, I quickly got so many more because people saw what I did, it was different than everyone else. So like my first year, 69 buyers, and then second year like over 100 homes. And then I was ranging down towards like more sellers.


Aaron Amuchastegui  06:50

Yeah, you starting as buyers. I like that. First you said I’m looking at what everyone else is doing. And I’m just gonna do it better. I’m just gonna do it way better. And if you do that, I mean, that works. Whether you did it in 2001, or whether you’re doing it now, everybody else is doing but do it better. And it sounds simple. But it’s also like trying to think like the four page flyer, the CD so people can see the pictures as they go home. Like, really, really cool. So now you’re so 20 years later, what advice would you give yourself? Now looking back to that agent when they first started? Like you’ve done a lot of real estate now like what if you’re if someone’s a new agent, and they say, Krista, what should I be thinking about? What would you be telling them?


Krista Mashore  07:25

So right now, I would tell them that they need to incorporate video into their business. And I’ll tell you why in a second. But video is their most powerful tool as a brand new agent, or as an agent who’s doing 20 deals that wants to go to 40 or as a top producer that’s doing 100 it wants to get to 200 and scale quickly. That is the fastest way for them to be able to increase their business and do it easier, right? They’re not having to do open houses and cold calling doorknob, they can just produce content properly distributed. So it’s actually being seen for the budget behind it. And if they do that consistently, in a year’s time, I believe that a brand new agent can start outperforming a top producer that’s just been top producer by default, as long as they have they do what I said originally do things better than everyone else was on the back end, right. So once they get those listings and get those clients, they outperform their competitors by having, you know, a really strong unique value proposition where they are very, very different. If they can do that, like they’ll blow it out of the park.


Aaron Amuchastegui  08:24

Alright, so there’s a lot of stuff there. So first, it’s, it’s they need to learn how to be an agent, they need to learn how to do the listing, they need to learn how to be a buyer’s agent and then do it better. Right. So that’s the performance part. And there’s a million ways to do that. There’s a million ways to learn how to be a good agent how to and then see it new better. There’s lots of coaching programs out there. But let’s but Legion part is the part that is that you really jumped out and there so it’s like creating the video, you said one you said do it easier, so it can scale. And you said use the proper way to push it out to people and then put a budget behind it so that it like kind of works. Let’s break that down a little bit. So when it comes to your saying, like make easier videos, what’s your first like, if somebody’s like, what’s the first video should I make? What’s the first what’s the second video I should make? What are their first couple videos they should make? Okay,


Krista Mashore  09:11

so let’s just so what I was when I was trying to identify as Hey, what what problem is the market having so for example, the past six months, it’s just been a low inventory problem, right? Yep. Most people will think oh, let me figure out how I can tell my buyer to have removed contingencies give a free rent back, increase earnest money, you know, just give you 100,000 over asking


Aaron Amuchastegui  09:30

to get your offer accepted. Yeah,


Krista Mashore  09:32

yeah. So but I’m thinking Who the heck wants buyers right. So I’m thinking what what’s the problem that sellers are experiencing? sellers are experiencing the fact that they’re afraid to sell because they’re afraid that they will not be able to find a replacement home and they’re going to be homeless? Yep. So I create all video content regarding who I’m trying to go after I want sellers right now the problem sellers are having is they do want to sell they just don’t know where they’re gonna be able to go. So all my video content is about, Hey, are you thinking of selling but you’re afraid you’re gonna be homeless? Right? Oh my gosh, I totally get it like, I would be afraid of that too. Hey, I’m Kristin ratio with homes I Christie Realty and I’ve been selling real estate for 20 years. In fact, last month alone, we helped 13 sellers just like you sell their house right here in Britain and be able to find a replacement property. And here’s the three strategies of how we helped him, boom, at the end call to action.


Aaron Amuchastegui  10:19

Real Estate Rockstars. This is Aaron and we just stay for a quick commercial break. So during 2020 and 2021, the real estate market completely changed. There’s so much competition in the market, so many people trying to buy and sell houses. But there’s hardly any supply hardly any product. Are anyone willing to list their homes, it’s time for every agent out there to become a hybrid agent investor to be able to reach out directly to homeowners to try to get them to sell or list their house, you’ve got a new website, go to lead propeller calm. And you can set up your own investor buyer website in just minutes, you’ll set up your own URL, set up phone numbers help go through the leads help reach out to people that aren’t listing their their property currently, and have them fill out a form that says hey, I want to sell my house. And then as an agent, you can go through and make them a hybrid offer, you can tell them hey, I think your house would sell for $220,000 on MLS, but I can either write you $180,000 cash offer right now, or I can help you fix it up. And you’re listed for 220,000 on MLS, these are buyers that are looking for quick cash offers 10s of 1000s are submitting these forums every single day. And they’re skipping the listing process that so many of you guys out there are such good agents, it’s a great opportunity to get that lead and help them maximize sales price for their home. So again, go to lead propeller calm and think about signing up for your own investor site. So buyers will start reaching out to you asking you to make an offer on their home.


Krista Mashore  11:51

Now I take that video, right and then people that watch that video. So I’ll take that video, I’ll create an ad through Facebook. And I will not just boost I create an ad I’ll put a $200 budget behind it. Maybe you can get 50 or whatever you want to do. I like to do 200 because I want to get you know, four or five 600 hours of watch time. And then I’ll say okay, great. The people that watch that video are probably thinking of selling no send them another video about selling right something about sewing to help them again, just information I’m not saying give me anything, it’s just positioning myself as the authority becoming the solution, nurturing them and letting them realize that I have solutions. And then after watching two of those videos, then I’ll say Hey, would you like me to give you a home evaluation? You know from and they’re like, yes, it’s like a whole evaluation. And then when they ask me for a home evaluation, then at that point, what I’ll do is I will drop off like my book, you know what to expect from selling or how many’s county which is like a real book. It’s not a cheesy ghost written pilot grab book, it’s a real great book, and also in my marketing plan, then I’ll deliver that CMA like literally hand delivered to CMA. Then we’ll go back to the office, we’ll do a loom about the CMA. So they’re seeing our faces, we’re reviewing the loom, and then we put them into our CRM, because we have their contact information. And then they’re getting it a digital copy of the marketing plan, a digital copy of the book, like, you know, and so now I do like six things. And anybody else has just sent them a digital copy if they request it, right. So like doing that’s what I mean by seeing what people are doing and realizing how I can be different. No one else will do that. People are like, well, isn’t it expensive to get the book? And yes, it was $3


Aaron Amuchastegui  13:26

so what’s what’s the title of your book?


Krista Mashore  13:29

It’s so I’ve got this is the same so this one is called what to expect when selling your East County home the savvy seller


Aaron Amuchastegui  13:34

so anybody could do that. Like so that’s a book topic for anybody in any city. Right? Like so if you’re so would you say somebody should say if their agent in Boston they say what to expect when selling your home in Boston? Yes, but they have to write the book and this is after the it’ll have to be but it’ll have to be real and it will have to go through the work but when you’re trying to look different than other agents, I’ve seen a lot of people write books I have have nobody whose book was in such a niche that it was like here’s my county like this book is for people selling in this county. And I have yet to see that.


Krista Mashore  14:07

We also submitted the same book. And I have my my neighborhood guy farm what to expect when selling your gear ridge and shadow lakes home.


Aaron Amuchastegui  14:15

Right. So the Are they similar you take


Krista Mashore  14:18

there’s nothing different they’re exactly the same except the only difference is the cover. And and then I have one that says what to expect when selling your home so if somebody calls you they’re not nice County, they get what you expect when selling your home. If they’re in my in my in my farming area, they get this one if they’re in my East County they get this one right.


Aaron Amuchastegui  14:37

You put forth the effort to write it you could people can use horse everything. Yeah, so you put the book in there you have like a few different. We sell websites for people to do like you know if someone types sell my house in Austin, we tell them you have to make 10 landing pages in case they say sell my house in Travis County or sell my house in Williamson County or sell my house and Barton Creek, so you’re so it’s like, it’s the same thing we say copy that website page, but you’re gonna have 50 different landing pages that all say the name that people are asking. And you’re doing the same thing with books you’re dropping off, you’ve got a book that’s gonna work, you change your cover over. So now somebody you make the video, you push it on Facebook, people get to you, that’s half the battle, fairly easy process. Anybody can make a good video, based on what you said, run ads and get a lead. As soon as you get that lead. You are bombarding them with this is why I’m awesome. Here’s the book. Here’s the other thing. And then and then you mentioned sending them like videos and everything else.


Krista Mashore  15:36

Yes, they get they get the book, they get a marketing plan. They get the little video going over the actual CMA


Aaron Amuchastegui  15:44

plan personalized for them, or is it





Krista Mashore  15:49

like this is the marketing plan. I’ll show you. So right now, this is a this is it’s a it’s it’s changing right now. Because this is like a newer way. We’re just, we just ordered the real way.


Aaron Amuchastegui  15:59

For you guys on YouTube. Chris Holt showed me all sorts. He’s like running around her office, and she’s got booted out of everywhere.


Krista Mashore  16:05

Yeah, this is the marketing, but we are updating it to a better look. So that’s how easy it is to be, you know, thing here, it’s nicely bound. And it’s really pretty. So they get this, but then they get digitally too. So like all these things that we deal with on so this is like $2 this way it cost me like, you know, 20,000 to write the book, but I literally just ordered 24,500 copies and dropped it off to every house in Brentwood, about eight months ago. And I will tell you, I don’t even go on listing appointments anymore. But my brother’s like, Oh my God, we just have three listing appointments, and I dropped the book. I’m like, Oh, no, we already got it. We got it six months ago. So they don’t they don’t they don’t throw this away. And I mean


Aaron Amuchastegui  16:43

24,000 copies of your book, did you drop them on this and set them on the front porch? Did


Krista Mashore  16:46

you man I had I hired a company. So I hadn’t delivered in a bag. And from China, right. And then I hired a company that does like paper routes. And they literally just threw them on everyone’s porch. Like every realtor, the world hates me because they’re like, Oh my god, Kristen did it again. You know, she’s, she’s relentless,


Aaron Amuchastegui  17:02

like $100,000. And then you get all that out there. But then now for every you’re gonna have, like, that’s so funny to everybody. There’s like, No, we’ve already seen the book.


Krista Mashore  17:10

Yeah. Oh, yeah. And I mean, literally three of them. And so and then one of the appointments he went on, they had a neighbor that was there too. And she’s like, Oh, yeah, I got your book too, over and over. And over and over. It was so we


Aaron Amuchastegui  17:22

It was cool, you know? Very cool. So you’re going all out on show, just like you said the beginning. You’re doing the stuff everybody else is doing, but you’re doing it better. You’re getting and then now you’re still getting a ton of houses with it. So the million dollar price point, I think you said you had 70 or 80 houses last year, which is


Krista Mashore  17:39

Yeah, last year, we did. We did 90, which is low for me. I mean, typically I do. But I mean, here’s the deal. So here’s what’s so cool about video content. And I mean, this is this is so true. Aaron, when you produce a video content you’re winning before you arrive, right. So when somebody calls me they’ve already developed a relationship with me. They’re seeing me as the authority, I’m breaking down their barriers are kind of getting to know me it’s called a one sided parasocial relationship. They are calling me already because they think that they they’re like me, right. So I already kind of have it halfway in the back. And so then each each time I do this, and I do this, and I do this, each time, it’s like I’m increasing my odds of converting. So now when I show up like people are, will have a bag of you know, Skittles on the counter of me, I love you like Skittles, your sight, you know, from your videos. And they’ve already they’re calling me because they already know that they liked me. So now, it’s to the point where we just scraped, I’m the face of the company. My brother now is also in my video content with me. So now he shows up to the listing, I don’t even have to show up or ever talk to a buyer or seller related mostly to sellers. And so the reason our conversions went down last year is because I kind of a little bit I love to work like working is fun for me. And so you know, when I’m selling we do the year I left, I left full time real estate to you know, change I was doing I sold 154 homes. So Josh is not quite as he’s, he’s comfortable doing 90 Right, right. Like we could be doing 300. So, I’m Vegas, and that’s how I mean and so when people call us, they are already sold on us. And then when we do these other things, it just completely seals the deal. And I cannot tell you how many times over the past, you know, years I’ve heard Well, you’re the only person that did that Krista, like you were the only person that dropped that thing off or nobody else did that and and I’m like yeah, you can expect that kind of service all the way to the end of the transaction. And I’m going to be getting a five star review from you. So just remember that and you know, so


Aaron Amuchastegui  19:29

that’s exactly what you want anyone to say is you’re the first person that’s ever done that you’re the only person who’s ever done that. That’s I’m pulling up your so as I’m looking I’m pulling up your Facebook page and try to see some of the kind of the videos and the different things you’re pushing out on your on your regular page on your on your coaching page. The you also do you What’s your favorite social media that you use to try to do this.


Krista Mashore  19:51

So Facebook but YouTube, we put everything else, we put everything on Facebook and also on our website because of the fact that we want SEO. So since Google owns you YouTube. Google loves video content. So when you put your videos on YouTube, you’re gonna start ranking more on. Like, if you put like Chris Demacia on Google, especially if you do that, you’ll just see hundreds of pages of that come up of us, especially if you do the video thing. You’ll just be video after video after video. And Google loves that, right? So you want to make sure you’re you’re putting your videos there are places but or get getting a video to rank organically is almost impossible. Because there’s, it’s like, billions of hours of video content are uploaded every every month like billions. Yeah. So in order for you to get to get your videos to be seen. So like we’ll put a $200 ad spend. And we’ll get anywhere between you know, 400 500 600 hours of people watching our videos, one video, right? So imagine we do two videos, three videos a week, then we’re getting like, I’m just we’re just being seen constantly, you know?


Aaron Amuchastegui  20:55

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Krista Mashore  23:24

ads on Instagram, but our number one best source has been Facebook. So you know, we’re just now starting to, we just I’m taking some courses right now on YouTube ads, like how to do YouTube ads locally, because I think there’s a great opportunity there. But by far, if you talk to 15, digital marketers, you know, they will all tell you Facebook is your best source, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. I mean, there’s a reason why every company and like you continue to see by billions how much more money people are putting into Facebook, because it works. It’s like, you know, the average person goes to Facebook 17 times a day they spend you know, you know, two and a half hours on social media, you know, a day, the majority of that is Facebook, right? So you want to be kind of it. But if you’re looking for a younger generation, Instagram is a great place to do it. But no matter what you should always if you run ads on a platform, pick your platform, Master that platform before tried to do 18 of them. Pick the platform where your audience is mostly, but make sure you’re putting a budget behind it because it’s funny for me how realtors are the only people that feel like like we make more money than, you know, than any doctor or attorney that I know. Like I’ve been able to make more money as a real estate agent, right. But to enter the profession, it’s such a low barrier to entry that agents don’t think that they need to put money into their marketing. But you know, if you want to be a top producer, you become a marketer. First marketer first will get you to be a top producer. And then people will say oh, I want to be a top producer, but they’re not willing to do the things that they need to do to help get them there. Right. You’ve got to invest in yourself. You’ve got to invest in like right now. I love it when I hear Oh, you don’t need to do any marketing around the house. They’re just killing themselves. I’m like what are you doing when you You get a listing, I don’t care if it sells in a day, you should be marketing that listing on steroids doing drone doing professional photography, like when you say that it’s you don’t need to do it, you’re doing a disservice to the to your seller, but you’re doing a disservice to yourself, because you want to expose that that listing. You’re always in a job interview, I always say when you’re marking your listings, you’re marketing yourself. So you want to be doing that for your sellers, but also doing it for yourself too. Right? And showing that you’re not like everyone else, so that when you go on an appointment, if somebody says to me, oh, well, Christy, this other guy will do you know, for 2%, or whatever. I’m like, well, Hey, will you show you see this right here? So the National Association of Realtors shows that 67% of buyers will walk through a home that they see online, right? And we all know everyone loves social media. So from this past week, do you see where it says I had 18,500 engagements, like I just have the screenshot this week? Yes. Okay, that means 18,500 people engaged with my posts. Now look at my competitors, one 617. Right. So for you. So we want to make sure that we are exposing your home to the masses. And when we get it out there to the masses, it’s going to help generate more money and the best terms for you. So although everyone else might be saying you don’t need to market I completely disagree. And that’s just you know, if they’re not giving you really good advice, you know, so when you can show someone those kind of ads and say, Hey, here’s the past six homes, I sold your neighborhood and see it, we had three or four to 800 hours of watch time on each house and see 127,000 views, they’re just like, Whoa, my gosh, and then all of that other stuff kind of goes away. So those are the kinds of things that we are that we do. And then before I even go on a listing presentation, we send a 17 minute long video that talks all about all the marketing that we do. And we talk about how, you know broker stores are an effective and open houses. Yes, they work. But really, it’s your looky loos and neighbors and how you know, what we’re doing is more the way that buyers are looking, you know, 90% of buyers are starting online, and we’re showing them that that’s how we’re marketing you know, so that’s kind of our whole approach is digital marketing.


Aaron Amuchastegui  26:57

Yeah, digital marketing and budgeting stuff you right all the other Careers Out There have to spend a bunch of money on school and or advertising and or, you know, and so you can, you can do stuff without spending money you can there’s free ways to get leads but the but it’s tougher to scale faster. And whenever you put money behind something in advertising, a lot of guessing and checking, but you’re finding a way to get more eyes on on in real estate. It’s all about how many eyes can you get on how many how many people can see me and recognize me, because they need to see you 510 15 times before they say hey, I want to hire Krista to do this. So you’ve talked a lot about how to get these deals done if somebody like right now, what is your advice? When somebody says how do I get my offer accepted right now? Crystal? Like how do I how do I get my offer accepted? I know you don’t deal with many buyers. You’re not you don’t represent buyers agents and much anymore. But as but as a listing agent, buyer says Krista, how do I get my offer accepted? What do you tell them?


Krista Mashore  27:53

So I would always do like a video text to the to the agent like hey, Kristen, I know you’re crazy busy right now, a zillion offers but you know, my buyers are awesome, we remove contingencies, bla bla bla, and then I would make sure that on my cover letter, and this is just basic stuff on my cover letter, I would spell out like everything, here’s the price, here’s the downpayment, here’s the terms, here’s the credit score, here’s the you know, it’s TBD approval, here’s the lenders information, the lenders already called like, everyone knows this, but do all of those things. And then still try if you can to talk to the agent and just be friends, like compliment them, let her know what a great job they’re doing marketing and how busy you know they are that develop that rapport, guarantee them that your buyers are going to close, you understand the market, it’s going to be easy, you’re not going to ask for a lot of stuff, you’ve you’ve done your due diligence, you know, like this is going to be a slam dunk of a deal. And you know, as much as we will they go that’s not going to work. But it does sometimes, like when somebody sees that you’re somebody that has done their due diligence, and you say, Hey, I’m gonna give you a 40,000 above list price. Here’s, you can see here that I have the difference. You know, in this bank account, plus my down payment, here’s a copy of my credit score, like just give them everything. So they don’t have to ask and find out exactly what that seller wants and give it to them. If they want a three week wrote back, give them a four week sprint back, right? Just do what it takes to get that and also educate your buyers, make sure your buyers understand what the markets doing. If you lose on a listing, call that agent and ask Can you please let me know what happened or if they won’t track it. So you can then start showing accumulation of what’s happening. So you can show that data to your buyers and say, hey, look, here’s the last 10 offers we’ve written. Here’s what we wrote, here’s what it was before. Here’s what it ended at so that they can analyze the data to be able to make an educated decision.


Aaron Amuchastegui  29:40

Yeah. Well Christy, you’ve already got to tell you everybody on here there’s a lot of advice you’ve given people already. So right behind you, I see this crystal Bay Shore coaching, what’s what do you do for coaching? What’s your what’s your program that you do?


Krista Mashore  29:53

So we teach agents how to utilize social media and video to attract connect and connect clients, and then we give them like all these tools, you know, to be able to convert them so and whether you didn’t say is like when you when you do video right, the conversions are so much easier. So if you if you’re paying for Zillow leads, okay, those leads are going to show you different agents. And then when you talk to people, they’ve already talked to 100 agents, and they’re not serious. But when you utilize video and you’re collecting leads through video, those people answer the phone, they know who you are, they want to talk to you, it’s such a different conversation. After, you know, you’ve been doing this for a little bit of time, and it takes about six months. And those people don’t want to give it the six months that it takes in videos very hard to do, like they are so caught up in the way they look and how they sound and are they gonna make a mistake and sound stupid, but once they can get past that, like it will dominate it’ll help them dominate what they’re doing, you know, react, which is how to utilize video, properly get it out there. So it’s actually being seen. And then we give them all the tools to help them convert. It’s like, it’s kind of like you’re buying a business in a box, sort of like a franchise, but we really give you like every little thing that you need to kind of stand out.


Aaron Amuchastegui  31:07

Yeah, cool stuff. So the that’s really interesting is that it’s a different sort of lead. Right. So more coming. And I’ve had a few guys on the podcast different times that are huge YouTube agents, you know, and they’ve said the same thing like these guys up in Portland. Here, they build these giant YouTube pages, and they say people call them and talk to them, like their best friends already. Yeah, like that. They are just so ready to be friends with them instantly. And so that because they feel like they’ve known them already with all sorts of different videos. So it does make sense. He doesn’t have to they don’t they don’t have to personally build any trust because they’ve already built it by the time they get the phone call. And they said some of the stuff is so funny that people can pick up and remember about them just like you said, you show up. They’re like, hey, we’ve got Skittles here because we know you love Skittles like what a what a What a fun way to be able to market Real Estate Rockstars This is a commercial break from our biggest podcast sponsor we have right now rent ready, it can be fun getting a new real estate deal. It can be tough managing your properties after the fact, especially if you’re long distance investing or trying to manage multiple properties by yourself. That’s why we’re here to tell you about rent ready. Ready is a property management software that not only makes it easier to manage all your real estate deals from one platform, but they also have the best customer service support in the biz. They’re an all in one app that lets you easily manage properties, collect rent list units, screen tenants, sign leases, all from your phone or computer. Imagine all of your real estate doors right in your pocket. How awesome is that? The best part, it’s so affordable one flat price for everything, unlimited properties, tenants and support with a real live human. And I have to add in there, that’s a new business model that not a lot of people are doing. There’s like this freemium model where people say hey, you can try this. But as soon as you grow, it’s gonna cost you a lot of money, or they kind of punish you, when you get too many emails on your list or too many. They aren’t going to punish you when you grow, they’re not going to charge you more. When you get 10 2030 rentals, they’re gonna charge you the same when you have two or three as they will when you have 50 or 60 Do you have a nice fixed costs? All software all in one place? Check it out rent ready? arienne t r e vi.com. And if that’s not enough, rent rate is giving our listeners a special code you can use to get a whole year of rent ready for just $54 use code RO ck sta r 50 that Rockstar 50 instead of for rent raise annual plan at rent ready.com again, r e n t r e di.com with code Rockstar 50 to get ready for only $54.


Aaron Amuchastegui  33:47

So 21 a year out in the Bay Area last year, the world kind of goes haywire. What did he what was the best thing you did to like survive, especially like at the beginning March, April, like by May or June, it started to open up a lot. I guess real estate wise but still very closed down over by where you were living. But what’s like what was what was the number one thing to survive and succeed through 2020 that you found.


Krista Mashore  34:13

Here’s the craziest thing is it didn’t really affect us much because we already were doing sexual online marketing, you know. And so we don’t do open houses. But what we did was within a week of our area shutting down, I created two funnels for open houses. One was like an open a digital online virtual open house funnel where you can just go in on your own. The other one was like a virtual online open house funnel where you could actually sign up with zoom with somebody. So we showed people that it’s like, Hey, listen, we don’t do open houses they don’t work for now because it’s COVID like we want to make sure people have a way of you know, getting these properties. So here’s our two online virtual photos that we’ve created in Super like wow, you already have that. So though like again being different, right like adapting and pivoting very very quickly. And when you when you already have funnels in your ecosystem, because when we Drive seller traffic right? When people are like raising their hand for a CMA, then they’re going to a seller seminar funnel that’s got like 25 videos on, you know about selling. We did the same thing now with just with just like open houses. So it’s just a matter of Honestly, it didn’t affect us much because we were already had such a huge online presence. If anything, it made it easier because everybody else was freaking out and scrambling on what the heck are we gonna do? You know? And we just were like business as usual.


Aaron Amuchastegui  35:24

So business wise, you were ahead of the curve. What about mindset wise, I guess because business was going fine. Was it stressful out and out and brand new career?


Krista Mashore  35:32

You know? That’s a good question. I mean, for me, like everyone said, it was the worst year of their life. And I just I didn’t listen to the news. I feel like mindset is one of the waiting talks about mindset. But mindset is, everything I just talked about doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have a good mindset. And so, like for me, you know, I haven’t lived at home since I was 13. And I grew up like I was in a group home, a juvenile hall and a foster home and all these things. And so, I realized at one point really how important need to work on my head because you know, you can get kind of screwed up not living at home since you were 13. And so I am just relentless about my mindset. And so that that is a huge part of my success is my mindset and just my enthusiasm, my positivity it and the confidence just, you know, confident cells and citizen doozy. Azzam it didn’t it was it wasn’t there was I don’t know, I know. It’s terrible to say and it was a lot of bad things happened my dagger COVID and was died. But um, and he’s totally perfectly healthy, thank goodness. But it having a strong mindset and just being positive and focusing, choosing choosing to focus on the right things has been an absolute game changer in my life. I would just put it that way. Yeah, we’ve, we’ve, you know, we’re doing million dollar months right now, you know, in my business and in my role, and I want to say business were great. But back when COVID hit my coaching business, like tanked, I mean, you’re talking tanked, it went from hero to zero. And I mean zero, like, Oh my God, I’ve got $400,000, you know, payroll, and I’m making $0, ever, but it was just a matter of adapting to the market and exactly what we’re doing. And now we you know, we’re doing better than we ever have in our coaching business. Ah, so nice.


Aaron Amuchastegui  37:11

So one of the podcast listeners, you guys been on here for a long time, we own a company called Rebus University, tons of videos and training on there for agents. And it’s people sign up for monthly subscriptions. And there are dozens and dozens of videos that agents went on there and created. And this isn’t an advertisement right now you guys know that we have it. But we hardly ever talk about it anymore. But the god people that we interview, a lot of them teach those classes on there. But in April, like first week of April, we had like 90% of our subscribers cancelled, like call. It’s like 90% of people that were on auto renewal, were like, Oh, my gosh, I can’t sell real estate anymore. I’m going to be broke. Everybody looks at their credit card statement and says, Oh, I can’t afford the 99 bucks a month anymore. Or 49. It’s not it’s not expensive. But when it comes to like investing and learning, it’s not inexpensive. But so many people, you know, they start learning they start cutting all that off. So I can I’m not surprised that your coaching company took a big because at the beginning when people like I can’t sell houses anyway. Yeah. So why do I need this? The people that really the people that need coaching, struggled to struggle, especially beginning COVID were struggling to be able to afford it classes, anything else like that. And the people that were doing great in real estate didn’t need it because they had so much stuff going on. They couldn’t even take the class if they wanted to. I was thinking that the opposite the beginning like you guys have plenty of time right now to sit in classes, like sharpening your tool and do that. But people were strapped I mean, I fire sold some houses. I was scared when it first happened. Like I was like, What’s going to happen to the market, I had just bought this new house that I’m in right now. And I was thinking I wish I hadn’t bought that I wish I had my money but what whatever library is regretting and then two months later, I was totally regretting that my kids weren’t sharing rooms and that we had this this new house that they were in so funny thing is that works out. But yeah, I think mindset is the biggest thing with 2020 for survival, I think was mindset. And one big thing I think it taught us was diversification. One of my businesses, I totally has not done well since since COVID hit other shirts are one of our our foreclosure listing business. So the and the reason that that has done me buying foreclosures, so I would personally buy 15 to 20 houses on the courthouse steps every month. And we would do that and I would keep ms rentals and that was out in Texas. So January, February, March, the month before the everything got shut down. We were buying 15 to 20 a month on the courthouse steps. One of the results of the pandemic was they did a foreclosure moratorium, oh, you’re 75% of the foreclosures posted right now we’re on hold. So 75% of the normal numbers haven’t happened well, when all of a sudden you have, you know, three to 75% of your opportunity goes away. I couldn’t successfully Buy anymore because it doesn’t make sense. It just like you said overhead doesn’t make sense to go to auction just to buy one. It’s such a we have to really gear up to go that we have to buy 510 15 to make it worth it. So yeah, we’re just like throughout the month. So well auction in Texas is one day a month. So it’s crazy. The numbers is California, you and I were talking about foreclosure in California. So we’ll have so on next week in bear County, San Antonio, there’s 450 houses scheduled for that day for that morning. And they go through all that morning and then you don’t have them the rest of the month. So the so we would go in that day. And by you know, all over you


Krista Mashore  40:35

guys like you have to be going there and having runners check to see if they’re occupied or not or burnt down or whatever else.


Aaron Amuchastegui  40:42

You don’t you that’s what I need. So that’s why if you’re doing it for 20 houses, it’s worth driving, you have drivers to go to 500 houses, you’ve got title, you’ve got all this stuff. Yeah. Oh my god, like one. So we’ve bought less than 10 houses at auction since since COVID hit so that business has really struggled during COVID. Our subscription company where we sell the foreclosure list has been fine. But it just goes to show I have a bunch of different businesses, my rental collections went way up on the houses that we did own. So diversification having more than one way to get a lead having more than one way to make income was my big lesson last year.


Krista Mashore  41:18

Yeah, it’s just hard. We’re doing so many things like right like right now I’m, you know, I’m building my XP organization. I’m building my coaching organization. I really like it’s so good. I feel like Ah, you know,


Aaron Amuchastegui  41:28

there’s a there’s obviously pros it’s their edge for I will tell people you should diversify. And out there listening. There’s just as many people that will tell you, no, you need to focus you need to focus and niche down because you got to get really good at something first and I agree with I agree with both of them. I agree with like minded thing that works the best and just do that and don’t do the others. But then I I was really glad to that I that I had that diversity. I don’t know what the proper balances, but I like having options. And I


Krista Mashore  41:56

gotta say one thing about realtors, and this is really sad is that most real estate agents they don’t have, they only have real estate and how many real estate which private parties do you go to? Nobody can can retire because and they work their butts off. But they haven’t most realtors have not created wealth for themselves. And so the second that they stop, everything stops. And so like I’m turning 50 this summer, and you know, thank goodness, I’m great, but I have some friends that are my age and they have no 401k no retirement and it’s just like it scares me to death to think of what they’re going to be like they’re going to be you know, 80 years old having to stop you know, leave Christmas dinner to go show a house I just I just it just it just scares me for them. You know, so I do think that other agents need more than than just real estate because otherwise they’re never gonna be able to retire.


Aaron Amuchastegui  42:47

Yeah, the over the last year one of the biggest all you listeners know it one of the biggest things we’ve been saying is, if nothing else, an easy thing is to become a real estate investor. If you’re an agent and you start making revenue, it’s really easy to start buying some houses as investments because that’s very similar niche it’s a very similar skill set that helps you get the deals and it’s something that can last at times when you can’t go do that commission So building a business building as a Christian this has been awesome like the we’re at a time that flew through as we were talking but you’ve got your coaching program if people will. What’s the name of your podcast? It’s a fired up if I are Ed fired up with Chris Demacia fired up with Kristin Bayshore. What do you guys do on the podcast? What was the


Krista Mashore  43:26

interview like we interviewed other agents we just did we just do like, you know, I talk sometimes various different things, you know, marketing,


Aaron Amuchastegui  43:35

they’re gonna come listen to your podcasts, they’re gonna come find you so Kristin a short coaching, what is the best way for them to reach out to you if they want to know more about any of the stuff you’re doing?


Krista Mashore  43:43

So I have a $97.02 day coaching event that I do every month it’s live it’s actually live it’s 97 bucks. It’s like 15 hours of everything we just talked about, like, like, teaching you how and going all the way through it. And people love it like we just have we get we’ve had hundreds and hundreds of just people like this is the best two days ever. So you just got to kristene shore.com slash forward slash the number two days live so Kristin, make sure comm forward slash two days live and it’s once a month it’s two days. And I would say book your calendar like do not make any appointment because we’re going to teach you how to get a lot more so thanks when we talk about that. That’s awesome. Yeah,


Aaron Amuchastegui  44:23

no, the I’m sure people will go your way. Thanks for providing so much value the I know that I we very seldom so many people will say can we come get on the podcast and I say I only interview agents. I only interview active agents that can provide a lot of value. There were so many tips you gave our people today. So Krista, thanks for coming on the show. I can’t wait to get on your podcast later. with you right now you’re gonna be and this is such a fun conversational podcast. I had a great time. Yeah, I had a great time to Real Estate Rockstars Thanks for listening.

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