967: Beat Zillow to the Punch with the Lead-Gen Trifecta – Laurie Derickson and Kalene Zaabadick

April 15, 2021

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get high-quality leads without paying outrageous fees to companies like Zillow? Today’s guests, Laurie Derickson and Kalene Zaabadick, found the perfect system for exactly that! Listen and learn how they start conversations with buyers and sellers before sites like Zillow send them to other agents. Laurie and Kalene also share key steps to take before getting licensed, their secret system for staying top of mind effortlessly, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • The real estate market in Colorado Springs [1:39]
  • Laurie and Kalene’s real estate partnership [4:33]
  • Sales figures for Colorado’s Finest Realty [8:53]
  • Why Laurie and Kalene left KW for eXp Realty [11:28]
  • How Laurie and Kalene got their first clients [14:59]
  • Ways to take action before you get licensed [17:50]
  • Advice for new real estate agents [21:25]
  • The trifecta for high-quality real estate leads [24:00]
  • The trick to adding leads to your funnel via YouTube [32:35]
  • Why keeping it real is key on YouTube [34:45]
  • How to extend your reach on YouTube organically [37:28]
  • How to reach hot leads before they start looking for agents on Zillow [41:50]
  • The only ads Laurie and Kalene pay for [45:15]
  • How to succeed in 2021’s competitive real estate markets [47:22]
  • A trick for getting your buyer’s offers accepted [49:47]
  • Predictions for real estate in 2021 [51:60]
  • How to reach out to Laurie and Kalene [53:32]

Kalene Zaabadick

Kalene is a Colorado Native. She is a mother, wife, sister, realtor, blogger, and designer. She loves doing what she does! Kalene is married to a man from her hometown of western Colorado. They have known each other from 7th grade! They have 3 children who are 14, 10 & 8 – They love to play! Their family motto is, ‘The family that plays together-stays together!’ They enjoy outdoors, real estate, family and food! Entertaining is their thing – they host 4th of July and Super Bowl each year and many dinners in-between. They watch Wheel of Fortune, Kalene can hardly function without coffee, and gardening is her jam.

Kalene’s family moved from their hometown of western Colorado to Colorado Springs nearly 4 1/2 years ago. Their view of Pikes Peak from their backyard is to die for! Her husband has a background in construction, so they can conquer almost any honey do! Kalene loves to cut down trees, get a good sweat on, show properties and dream of what they can do with each property. She has too many cousins to count and they all get together several times throughout the year!

Kalene loves real estate, home design & DIY projects. She is a dreamer and a left sided brain user! 90s music is her inspiration and she enjoys being a groupie for any good concert. She likes to consider herself an artist – Kalene believes paint can fix almost anything!

Laurie Derickson

Laurie has been in Colorado for 20 years now! When she’s not working in real estate and design, you can find her spending time with her husband, Brett, and our three children. Laurie’s kids keep her on her toes, and she always has a million stories to share. Laurie loves to reach and relate to other moms. They are all on this crazy journey through life and doing it together is better than solo! She and her husband have been married for 17 years and marriage in and of itself is a journey. But Laurie believes in the journey, in the ups and downs, and she is grateful to do this journey with him! They have lived abroad with their children in Vientiane, Laos for two years, have completed a home exchange with families in France, and truly have a love for travel!

And when Laurie is not with her family, you will find her knee-deep in DIY projects. When most women ask for jewelry for Christmas, she asks for tools. This year she received a shop vac and power nail gun (truly amazing by the way). Laurie also helps run a nonprofit in their local community helping minority students get into college. She likes to keep busy and have her hands in many projects, lol! Ohh she likes wine – can’t forget the wine…

When it comes to real estate and home design projects, it seems like yesterday that Kalene and Laurie start this journey together. It is all a leap of faith. And they appreciate you taking that leap with them! Sometimes reaching your own goals is never easy. There are ups and downs. There are good days and bad. But Laurie is grateful to do it with Kalene. They make it fun. They make it different. And they make it their own Journey!

Laurie loves design, and for years people have walked into her home as a guest and the next thing she knows, she is at their house helping them with design. She loves design. Laurie loves the process of making your house a home! Finding a client’s dream home is what she lives for. Laurie loves knowing that this is where you will grow your family, hit that first big career goal, plan for retirement, and make memories within your home’s walls!

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