646: Open Your Own Brokerage with Advice from Broker Linda Maxwell

May 4, 2018

Thinking about opening your own real estate brokerage? If so, you won’t want to miss this podcast with broker Linda Maxwell. Over the past three years, Linda worked tirelessly to ensure that her brokerage, Premier Properties of New England, was a success. Along the way, she learned some hard lessons as well as some excellent strategies for brokers and business owners, and she’s here today to share them all with Rockstar Nation. In addition to advice on running a brokerage, Linda has some great tips on working with veteran home buyers, recruiting real estate agents, and more.

linda maxwell

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Linda’s brief bio [2:47]
  • What Linda did prior to opening her own brokerage [5:35]
  • How Premier Properties of New England operates [7:52]
  • The average sale price in Massachusetts [9:42]
  • How to target veteran home buyers [15:25]
  • Linda’s military scholarship [20:58]
  • Why Linda loves Agent Legend [22:34]
  • The number of times Linda reaches out to a new client [26:30]
  • Lessons Linda learned by opening her own brokerage [28:32]
  • A script for recruiting real estate agents [30:29]
  • What the market is like in Massachusetts today [31:43]
  • What Linda donated to the Agent Success Toolbox [34:49]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Linda Maxwell

Known as “the best kept secret broker” in the business, Linda Maxwell is the Owner-Broker of Premier Properties of New England (PPNE). Originally from the Midwest, Linda is a convert to the region and now proudly calls New England home. Bringing people-oriented values from the “Heartland” to our faster paced East Coast environment, Linda blends customer service excellence with experienced professionalism that fosters the mindset of “go the extra mile” dedication rarely seen in the industry.

Linda expects the highest level of service from her agents as well as herself. The company’s 100/0 Creed, masterminded by Linda in order to ensure client focus, requires that agents take 100% Responsibility for the success of themselves and for the success of the company. Zero stands for 0 Excuses for anything less than excellence at all times and in all circumstances. Coupled with the firm’s 5 Star Success Guarantee, it would be difficult to find another brokerage that is more dedicated to and powered by the success of its clients.

Linda and her entire team also believe that an essential element of life is to “give back”, and they take every opportunity to do so. A leader among her peers in the community, Linda is a passionate advocate for serving our Military Service Members. She is a leader in an industry initiative to build 100 homes across America and Canada in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity. She is also a nationally Certified Coach, helping agents across the country succeed in their personal and professional lives. Her famed PPNE’s Silver Achievement Award is given quarterly to the PPNE agent who achieves the highest satisfaction rating determined entirely by client feedback. Linda is a lifelong student of her industry as well as a “self-improvement” advocate, believing that personal growth will help the brokerage better serve clients. A Massachusetts Certified Real Estate Instructor, Linda enjoys sharing her knowledge and teaching real estate pre-licensing classes to those planning a career in real estate.

In her spare time, Linda enjoys traveling the byways of New England, experiencing the region’s rich history, diversity, and historical architectural elements found throughout New England.

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