1065: How Tesla Will Impact the Future of Austin Real Estate – Matt Holm

July 21, 2022

How will Tesla impact the future of Austin real estate? According to Matt Holm, one of the city’s top 10 Realtors for four years running, the effect that Jeff Bezos had in Seattle will be dwarfed by what Elon Musk does for Austin. On today’s podcast, Matt discusses the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas and the incredible appreciation Austin property owners have experienced since it broke ground. Matt also shares how he’s able to hit rockstar-level real estate sales without being a salesman, why he doesn’t believe in scripts, and what he thinks is best when balancing business between buyers and sellers.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Austin’s #1 Compass Real Estate Agent, Matt Holm [00:56]
  • The Tesla Owners Club in Austin and meeting Elon Musk [1:45]
  • About Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas [3:58]
  • Matt Holm’s thoughts on the Austin real estate market [5:50]
  • Austin’s insane rental rates [11:47]
  • Matt’s real estate predictions and why he’s recommending 5/1 ARM loans [14:15]
  • How Matt got into real estate [25:07]
  • Educating buyers with enthusiasm instead of relying on scripts [30:07]
  • A great way to avoid burnout: work with clients you like [35:03]
  • Being relational versus transactional [45:37]
  • How to start building relationships as a new real estate agent [48:49]
  • Throwing parties for past clients [50:24]
  • Balancing your business between buyers and sellers [58:07]
  • A futuristic modular home community in Austin, Texas [1:01:55]
  • Where to find and follow Matt Holm [1:11:40]

Matt Holm

With over 14 years in the Austin real estate market, Matt Holm brings a wealth of transactional experience and knowledge to each real estate negotiation. Named a top 10 Austin agent (out of 16,000 fellow Austin agents) in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 by Austin Business Journal and with momentum increasing sales again this year, Matt is a power-house in the real estate community.
His deep market knowledge, personable style and unparalleled skills representing his clients create a nearly all referral-based clientele. Specializing in the greater Austin area, Matt’s work encompasses residential, commercial, land development, vacation homes, multifamily, flip properties, new construction and all manner of real estate investments.
Outside of his real estate career, Matt is a regular volunteer and contributor in his community schools, local charities, and social functions. Matt names volunteerism and community service as primary roles for him and his family. In his spare time, he serves as the president of the Tesla Owners Club of Austin and enjoys his families’ activities focused around soccer, ballet and the Austin music scene.

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