1218: Where 94% of Real Estate Agents Miss the Mark With Marketing – Matt Lionetti

February 26, 2024

Are your marketing efforts making measurable impact on your real estate business? If not, listen to today’s podcast with real estate agent and master marketer Matt Lionetti. You’ll learn where most agents fail when it comes to promoting their real estate business and their clients’ homes. Plus, Matt covers the steps he took in order to build a trusted brand and a massive social media presence in just a few short years. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars Podcast [0:00]
  • Things to keep in mind when browsing Instagram profiles [1:48]
  • How Matt would start over in real estate today [4:10]
  • Why you need a social media presence as a real estate agent [5:03]
  • How to start getting more engagement on your social media posts [6:06]
  • Finding the qualities that attract potential prospects [8:28]
  • Matt’s target audience on social media: real estate agents [10:20]
  • How to create a community for yourself on Instagram [13:55]
  • Building meaningful relationships with people on social media [16:08]
  • Informal follow up [17:58]
  • Alternatives to real estate CRMs [20:35]
  • How to maximum ROI doing what you love [24:06]
  • Why you should ignore social media “gurus” [27:04]
  • An informal listing presentation that actually works [30:00]
  • Matt’s thoughts on open houses [34:22]
  • Matt’s real estate goals for 2024 [36:44]
  • How to get clients on board with your marketing strategy [38:25]
  • Saying “no” when something doesn’t make sense for you [41:19]
  • Where to find and follow Matt Lionetti [43:41]

Matt Lionetti

Matt Lionetti is a real estate agent and content creator with The Agency in Toronto, Canada. Matt has built his brand on funny, clever, and sometimes polarizing content that, whether you like it or not, demands your attention. Earning millions of organic views on social media, his unconventional approach has landed him on some of the biggest stages speaking with Ryan Serhant, Gary Vaynerchuck and Tom Ferry. Matt has forged his own path and has become a fan-favourite among agents and clients alike.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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