Have you ever wondered what it is that differentiates the world’s most successful agents from the average agent? Matt Wagner, owner of RATE (Radio and Television Experts), has, and he spent years exploring the secrets to success in real estate while working with top-earning agents to create real estate advertisements and brands that bring in big business. On today’s show, Matt shares the “Traits of Growth Champions,” a 10-piece outline that examines the success-building traits common to all of the top agents he’s worked with. Tune in and find out what the world’s best agents do to foster and preserve successful company cultures, how they maximize the value of their time, and more on this must-listen episode of Real Estate Rockstars!










Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • The two words that will change your life [4:36]
  • Why you need to know and love your motivations as an agent [7:16]
  • The simple fact too many agents ignore [8:40]
  • The difference between hearing and humbly listening [9:41]
  • The one word you need to eliminate from your vocabulary in order to succeed [12:32]
  • Why embracing the success of others is the key to personal growth [14:08]
  • How to get better, not bitter, in difficult situations [19:28]
  • The reason why expansion can be a distraction for top agents [23:20]
  • How top agents maximize the value of their time [31:17]
  • What top agents do to foster and preserve successful company cultures [34:35]
  • What most people really think of high-earning agents [41:25]
  • The importance of leading with gratitude [44:20]
  • The reason why people often leave teams [49:01]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Matt Wagner

It was December of 2001 when Matt Wagner, then a nationally recognized marketing consultant for Clear Channel approached Jay Kinder about a radio campaign that would allow him specialized placement on the most popular radio station in the market and allow him to share helpful tips on buying or selling. It was an immediate hit, Jay virtually doubled his sales total from 100+ transactions to over 230 in 2002, and in Realtor Magazines’s 2003 “30 Under 30” he credited radio for “1/3rd of my listings” and said he was now a household name and had established top of mind awareness in his local area.

Rather than keep this new secret weapon to himself, Jay introduced Matt to a number of top agents that loved the idea, and in September of 2004, Matt decided to focus his entire attention on top Realtor’s in the industry and resigned from Clear Channel to form Radio and Television Experts.

Today, Matt has become known around the industry as the premier consultant for helping top agents effectively use media to become local celebrities in their area and create a steady flow of easily converted prospects.

Beyond media buying, Matt has capitalized on working with the top agents in the industry by frequently hosting networking opportunities where they can learn from other top producers. In the process, he has also attracted a number of the top resources companies that have helped top Realtors become even more cost – effective. In Matt’s words: “I don’t want to be known as ‘the magic pill’ – but I would like to be known as a VERY good drug store!”

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