1168: Hiring and Firing Real Estate Talent With Ramon Casaus

August 14, 2023

Finding the right agents for your real estate team is never a perfect process. Still, there are certain strategies that leaders can employ in order to increase their agents’ chances of success. On today’s podcast with Ramon Casaus, we discuss finding, hiring, and firing real estate talent. Listen in and learn how Ramon built a highly successful real estate team in record time. You’ll also hear where most teams fall short, what to focus on with your team’s training, and when to consider partnership with an external entity.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Two numbers to monitor as a real estate business owner [3:41]
  • How PLACE helps real estate teams succeed [7:05]
  • PLACE partnership explained [11:44]
  • Starting a real estate team with six months in the industry [14:47]
  • Creating something worth your ideal mentor’s time [19:29]
  • Ramon’s No.1 job right now [22:15]
  • Where most real estate teams fall short [24:43]
  • The conversation to have when cutting agents [27:32]
  • How to find the best agents to add to your team [30:24]
  • Hiring and training real estate agents [33:59]
  • Setting new real estate team members up for success [38:13]
  • Vanity metrics and what actually matters [40:37]
  • Routines and habits for professional success [43:01]
  • Simple, easy changes to fix how you feel [44:39]
  • Ramon’s obsession with Section 8 rentals and The Banker’s Code [46:42]
  • Real estate events on Ramon’s radar [50:48]
  • Where to find and follow Ramon Casaus [52:17]

Ramon Casaus

Ramon Casaus is a Professional real estate sales pro, business entrepreneur, visionary & thrill seeker! He has sold over 1,700 homes in the last 6 years and successfully built + scaled real estate teams across the Southwest. Ramon’s real estate sales team does 500+ deals a year & has locations in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and California! He partnered with the Industry’s #1 real estate technology platform & community, PLACE. They produce the most PRODUCTIVE & PROFITABLE real estate agents & teams. Ramon’s YouTube channel is to show you that you can do this too and HOW to do it from someone who really does this business. Ramon has had the opportunity to speak on some of the largest stages in the industry, collaborate with celebrities & coach literally thousands of agents to financial freedom! DM Ramon on IG and he’ll help you out!

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