1072: How to Survive the Next Real Estate Market Shift – Raquel Quinet

August 15, 2022

The housing market is shifting; what does that mean for real estate agents? Tune in to today’s podcast with real estate expert Raquel Quinet and find out how to survive a shifting market. In addition to outlining the strategies that helped agents thrive through the last recession, Raquel covers what you should start doing now to protect your real estate business and your bottom line. Raquel also shares some sage advice on avoiding burnout and how to cope with a heavy workload.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Raquel Quinet [3:54]
  • The shifting real estate market [5:30]
  • Where today’s sellers miss the mark with comps [6:40]
  • Setting expectations with sellers [7:57]
  • What’s next for the real estate industry [8:55]
  • The real estate agents who did well in the last recession [10:10]
  • Cutting expenses to protect your bottom line [11:43]
  • How relationships will help you thrive through the shift [13:33]
  • Offering sellers different options [15:20]
  • Why Raquel still thinks it’s a great time to buy real estate [16:45]
  • Ways to get buyers off of the fence [18:36]
  • How to avoid burnout in real estate [21:10]
  • What to do when experiencing burnout in real estate [24:00]
  • The differences between entrepreneurs and employees [29:10]
  • Raquel’s parting words for real estate agents [30:15]
  • Where to find and follow Raquel Quinet [30:32]

Raquel Quinet

Raquel Quinet is a highly sought after business coach, real estate industry leader, entrepreneur and investor who has mastered the art of building and scaling successful companies.

From co-owning real estate and mortgage companies to creating top-performing teams to helping thousands of clients buy, sell and invest in over 23 markets. She scaled a real estate team business to 8 figures and received the prestigious honor of the Fastest Growing Privately Held Businesses by Inc. 500. As a business strategist, she’s had a successful track record of helping entrepreneurs achieve record breaking revenue goals including 7 figures in a month.

With other 20 years of business experience and a passion to impact more women, she created FoundHer Collective where she gives ambitious women entrepreneurs a community where they can connect, grow and thrive. Raquel has made her mark as a real estate industry leader as well as a revenue growth strategist by building and scaling over 6 companies from start ups to the #1 real estate company in the world.

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