RERR Classics: Winning Clients and Closing Deals in Big City Boston with Eric Rollo

August 12, 2021

In big cities like Boston, real estate agents face fierce competition. Boston-based Realtor Eric Rollo joins us today to share strategies for winning clients and closing deals in any heated market. Discover how to secure off-market properties for buyers, ways to win in a bidding war, and more on this classic Real Estate Rockstars podcast. Plus, you’ll get timeless social media tips and an overview of the Boston real estate scene.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Eric Rollo [1:20]
  • Million-dollar condos in the Boston area [3:11]
  • Challenges for builders in Boston [4:11]
  • How drastically neighborhoods change over time [6:22]
  • Writing letters to get off-market properties for buyers [7:30]
  • How to improve your open rates with direct mail [10:57]
  • Roleplaying a homeowner’s response to a direct-mail offer [11:56]
  • How to handle appraisals [17:20]
  • How to bring irrational buyers and sellers back down to earth [18:30]
  • Ways to win in a bidding war [19:10]
  • What agents can do to keep deals from falling through [21:18]
  • What’s worse – too many buyers or too many listings? [22:26]
  • Ways to win listings via social media [26:25]
  • Instagram gold for big-city real estate agents [28:03]
  • Photography tips for agents on Instagram [30:12]
  • Why your business-page posts shouldn’t be purely professional [31:35]
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