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Featuring courses for agents, team leaders, and investors, Rebus University helps students of any experience level make more money in real estate. With an All-Access Pass, you can take any course for as little as $97/month.

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Generate motivated seller leads with your own professional real estate website. With LeadPropeller, it’s possible to get a beautiful, optimized website running in as little as 15 minutes!

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Roddy's FLS Online

Find unbeatable deals on real estate with FLS Online. Featuring powerful tools for identifying and researching distressed properties, FLS is a one-stop shop for investors and a great source of potential listing leads. New users get one free list sample.

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Roddy's PadHawk

Find your market’s best listing leads, investor clients, and more. With PadHawk, it’s easy to generate nearly any type of real estate lead nationwide. You can try PadHawk free for one full week by creating a new user account.

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Carrot analyzed over 3 million PPC search terms and nearly 5,500 house seller leads to find the 800 highest profit motivated seller keywords. This free guide shares the keywords to use if you want motivated home sellers contacting you!

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The days of analyzing property deals manually are over! Housefolios finds data for any property & instantly runs hundreds of calculations saving you time and earning you more money. Try any plan free for one week with the link below.

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Unconventional Acquisitions

BUYING a profitable business is accessible to those willing to work at it AND easier than you think. Discover how to create wealth through OWNERSHIP with proven methods for finding, analyzing, buying, and building small businesses.

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Awesome REI

It’s common for new real estate investors to struggle, let fear hold them hostage, and ultimately fizzle out. Awesome REI wants to help you succeed. With their courses, you’ll learn from the many wins and losses they’ve lived through so you can shorten your success curve as an investor.

With all the tenants who can’t afford rent, plus the homeowners who are unable to pay their mortgage… millions of homes are in default. And as I’m sure you can imagine, this creates a huge opportunity (if you know how to profit from it). You’re about to discover a clever way to earn income from homeowners in default.

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Did you know there’s a way to earn income from home by lending other people’s money? All you to do is find people who need to borrow money for their real estate deals and then refer them to Lee for funding. You’re basically just lending out Lee’s money to investors. This is a great opportunity to start making money, fast…

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What if you could earn income using Zillow without owning any real estate? Pretty awesome, right?! Well truth be told, it’s not only possible, but you can actually zero in on these ‘hidden’ seller leads for a grand total of free. And thanks to this little-known ‘formula’ you can find & do deals just ‘hiding in plain sight’ that most wholesalers can’t touch…

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Here’s a fact: There’s a little-known ‘bank’ that’s been quietly funding vacant house flips for real estate investors across the country lately. But FYI: it’s not your typical bank, for sure. First, your credit & income don’t matter. Plus, once you have access to this funding, you’re not actually charged anything to use it. No interest. No fees. No points. Nada…

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