SOTM 69: Homebuyers at Breaking Point as Competition Hits All-Time High

April 1, 2021

With low housing inventory driving competition to an all-time high, homebuyers have finally hit their breaking point. In North Texas, hopeful homebuyers armed with umbrellas fought over who was first in line for a showing. On today’s podcast, we cover this outlandish story and provide examples that illustrate just how hard it is to buy a home right now. Plus, we discuss a recent report of commissions dipping to a new low, the fact that there are now more real estate agents than homes for sale, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • The Boston real estate market [2:11]
  • Buyers fight over who was first in line for open house [4:56]
  • A smart solution for today’s open houses [9:08]
  • An example of government-funded rental assistance finally kicking in [11:01]
  • How badly Covid-19 crushed Boston’s campus rentals [14:54]
  • Examples of how competitive real estate markets are right now [21:04]
  • The “golden letter” strategy [25:54]
  • Concerns over the American housing market’s rapid rise [30:50]
  • What more remote workers means for markets [33:43]
  • The extreme challenges today’s restaurants face [36:24]
  • There are now more real estate agents than homes for sale [38:21]
  • Real estate commissions hit a new low [40:14]
  • An opportunity for new real estate agents in Boston [47:39]

Kimberlee Meserve

Kimberlee fell in love with real estate while buying her first home at the age of 24. That obsession still exists today, whether that’s searching through listings trying to find a hidden gem for her clients, or positioning her sellers to be the most competitive property on the market, she lives and breathes the business. Growing up Kimberlee was a competitive equestrian and rode at the World Championships. Anyone who has met Kimberlee and has gotten to know her on a more personal level can attest that the competitive spirit still carries through to everything that she does today. In 2018 she founded Street Property Team after being an agent on her own and other teams for the first 3 years of her career. That same year she created the Brews & Buying First Time Homebuyer workshop, which is now Boston’s biggest first time home buyer workshop. She has proudly helped hundreds of renters become homeowners and investors.

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