SOTM 75: This Is Nothing Like the Last Foreclosure Crisis – PropertyRadar’s Sean O’Toole

May 31, 2021

Economists expect to avert a foreclosure crisis comparable to that of ’08. On this State of the Market podcast with Sean O’Toole of PropertyRadar, we discuss why. Sean also shares foreclosure data and his expert opinion on what these numbers might mean for real estate in 2021. Listen and learn why we may not see a huge spike in foreclosures, how to combat current inventory challenges as a homebuyer, when mortgage rates will hit one percent, and so much more. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Sean O’Toole [1:50]
  • The story of PropertyRadar [3:24]
  • Indicators of a coming foreclosure crisis [4:56]
  • The problem with adjustable-rate mortgages [10:03]
  • Pre- and post-covid foreclosure numbers compared [13:20]
  • Why we may not see a huge spike in foreclosures [16:14]
  • How today’s regulatory environment could prevent a foreclosure crisis [21:15]
  • Why banks stopped foreclosing on properties in Nevada [23:36]
  • Sean’s thoughts on inflation [27:54]
  • Why hyperinflation isn’t a legitimate concern yet [34:09]
  • How to combat inflation by investing in real estate [36:42]
  • When rates will hit one percent [41:14]
  • How rising construction costs impact new developments [43:37]
  • Technology’s insanely powerful deflationary effects [46:30]
  • New data offerings coming to the PropertyRadar platform [52:54]
  • The power of public records [55:39]
  • Data points to consider for market predictions [58:14]
  • The BIG change for foreclosure auctions in California [59:39]
  • Consequences of the foreclosure moratorium [1:02:54]
  • Sean’s thoughts on current property prices [1:05:04]
  • Rental price predictions [1:07:32]
  • Where to learn more about Sean and PropertyRadar [1:09:39]

Sean O’Toole

After a successful technology career in Silicon Valley, Sean purchased and flipped over 150 residential and commercial properties. He exited the market in 2006, right before the credit bubble burst.

Combining his technology and real estate experience, Sean launched ForeclosureRadar in 2007. ForeclosureRadar was quickly recognized as the nation’s best foreclosure information source, growing to help tens of thousands of real estate professionals prosper in an otherwise devastating market.

In 2013, Sean launched PropertyRadar, expanding beyond foreclosures to create a property data and owner information platform that powers thousands of investor, real estate professional, home service and other property-centric businesses. More than just a data company, PropertyRadar levels the playing field by giving small businesses the same opportunities found in public records that big businesses have long enjoyed.

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