SOTM 82: Bubble or Boom? Experienced Real Estate Investors Weigh In

September 23, 2021

Last April, we shared our optimistic opinions regarding American housing markets. Now, nearly five months later, real estate expert Kelly Skeval joins us as we ask once again: bubble or boom? Listen in and learn where we stand now and whether or not we’re still investing in real estate. We also offer recommendations for real estate agents and investors as we close in on the fourth quarter of 2021. And as always, we cover recent real estate news, including updates on the ongoing legal battle between the NAR and the DOJ, the possibility of another nationwide eviction moratorium, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What’s new with New York real estate [1:40]
  • The problem with hardship-declaration forms [2:53]
  • Lessons learned as a landlord in 2021 [4:02]
  • Elizabeth Warren’s bill to enact another nationwide eviction moratorium [8:12]
  • Real estate boom or bubble? [11:37]
  • Buyer clients’ biggest reasons for purchasing homes right now [15:48]
  • The typical credit score of 2021’s borrowers [16:51]
  • Supply issues plaguing today’s homebuilders [21:30]
  • Amazon lobbies to legalize marijuana [25:19]
  • Mortgage demand surges as inventory increases [26:47]
  • NAR vs. the DOJ [31:43]
  • The fight for public access to the MLS [35:18]
  • The mega mansion that no one wants [36:59]
  • Kelly’s meet ups for prospective real estate investors [38:18]
  • Boom or bubble? We want your feedback! [43:35]

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