Are you struggling to increase sales with traditional email marketing? Real Estate Rockstar Travis Thom has found a better way: Facebook Messenger. After using custom-built bots to initiate conversations on Messenger, Travis is able to send out mass messages to potential clients and achieve open rates as high as 99%. Hear how you can use artificial intelligence to engage prospects easily and effectively on today’s podcast. Plus, listen as Travis explains exactly how to run real estate ads on Facebook Messenger for maximum ROI.

travis thom

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Travis’ brief bio [2:39]
  • How to generate leads with Facebook Messenger bots [6:03]
  • The benefits of Facebook Messenger bots [11:54]
  • Why Facebook Messenger is ideal for engaging cold prospects [16:53]
  • Some of the major companies leveraging Facebook Messenger today [19:55]
  • The cost of running a Facebook Messenger ad [23:51]
  • How to repurpose a traditional real estate ad for use on Facebook Messenger [27:13]
  • Travis’ biggest tip on creating a Facebook Messenger bot [36:40]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Travis Thom

Travis Thom started his Real Estate career at the young age of 19. After one year of going to school in San Francisco for marketing and motion picture films at the Academy of Art School, he decided that he couldn’t wait any longer to jump into business and start something for himself. Years later, at the age of 21, Travis became the youngest Qualifying Broker in the State of New Mexico, his home and place of business.

After several years on his own, Travis started a small team that focused on new construction developments and that took him in the direction of his first love – marketing. Like a snowball gradually picking up speed, the marketing Travis created for their condo and town-home developments created a demand for his brokerage to handle the sales and marketing for over $100 million in inventory in a very short period of time. That same year, Travis made it as a Top 30 Under 30 Finalist for Realtor Magazine and his small break out team had grown to a brokerage of 30 Agents, specializing in many different niches.

Travis’ best year in Real Estate was during the worst economic time in Real Estate, just after the market crashed in 2008. He attribute this success to his love of internet marketing, social media, and crafty email campaigns that nurtured leads and helped them plant a flag in the ground about who they were, what their marketing did for their clients, ultimately helping them build a strong brand through online lead generation.

From building psychographic campaigns, buyer personas, and building a deeper understanding of online consumer psychology, Travis helped their small company design larger-than-life marketing campaigns that generated demand and sparked desire. A few years later, he decided to take his skill set to an international level and, with his wife Toni, he made a decision to use their marketing skills in a new way by creating something that every agent could enjoy and profit from – Elevated Real Estate Marketing. One year later and two weeks before their daughter was born, they launch (now known as Elevated REM) a home valuation landing page and single property website company that helps thousands of agents across the world generate more leads.

With over 14 years of Real Estate under his belt, Travis has seen the Real Estate marketing landscape move and morph into a new frontier for agents and the opportunity for agents and brokerages to carve out their slice of the online market has never been greater. Join Travis as he helps agents navigate those rough waters and show them where the money is flowing, how to capture it and how to build their online lead generation in a way that will bring them success now and in the future.

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