1258: The EASIEST Way to Dominate with Video Market Updates with Ryan Rodenbeck

Curious about the easiest way to start making video content for real estate? Ryan Rodenbeck shares his insights on integrating videos into a real estate marketing strategy. He emphasizes the importance of video in conveying personality and building connections with potential clients.  Ryan also highlights the importance of authenticity and community engagement, sharing tips on using basic tools like an iPhone and lav mic to create impactful content. There’s value in repurposing content across platforms, building email lists, and leveraging social media for maximum reach for your success. Whether you're new to video or looking to refine your strategy, this episode provides actionable advice to enhance your real estate marketing efforts. Tune in and start learning today! Read More

1257: How YouTube Ads Made Dustin Fox Micro-Famous in Real Estate

How can you achieve micro-fame in real estate through YouTube ads and targeted marketing? Real Estate Agent Dustin Fox shares his journey to becoming micro-famous by leveraging direct response marketing on YouTube. He emphasizes the importance of producing high-quality video content and incorporating educational and client event videos. Dustin details his strategy of targeting homeowners in specific areas and avoiding broad interest categories and estimated income metrics. He also dives into real estate marketing techniques, including the use of QR codes, YouTube ads, TV views, and open-house tactics. Throughout this episode, Dustin highlights the importance of transparency, delivering on promises to clients, effective negotiation strategies, and the impact of Google reviews. Tune in to learn more about these powerful marketing insights! Read More

1256: Why Your Real Estate Brand Isn’t Working and How to Fix It Fast with Stefani Berkin

How can you brand yourself effectively as a real estate agent? Let’s discuss it with Real Estate Pro Stefani Berkin in this episode. She shares her strategies for building a powerful personal brand that stands out in the competitive real estate market. Stefani emphasizes the importance of genuine connections, guiding clients through emotional transactions, and being over-prepared for every interaction. She also discusses networking in places you enjoy, investing in high-quality marketing materials, and refining your communication skills through media training. With tips on making a strong first impression and continuously improving your knowledge, Stefani shares her passion for helping agents succeed! Listen up if you aspire to establish your own brand and thrive as a real estate agent. Read More

1255: Close 54 Deals/Year Through Cold Calling with Joseph Singsheim

Joseph shares his process for cold calling in real estate, starting with script practice and using platforms like RedX and Vulcan 7. He also discusses the importance of mindset breaks, follow-ups, and contacting his sphere of influence. He uses PropStream for data and Vulcan 7 for dialing, and he follows up with leads through various channels like text, email, and phone calls. Joseph spends a minimum of four and a half hours contacting people daily. He also shares his structured approach to cold calling and setting appointments in real estate and emphasizes the importance of time management and scheduling, using a combination of morning and afternoon calls to prioritize different types of leads. He recommends asking probing questions to uncover their needs and tailor the conversation accordingly. Listen in to learn more! Read More

1254: The NAR Prep Guide You NEED [Buyers Agents] with Kristi Jencks

In this conversation, Kristi Jencks provides valuable insights and strategies for real estate agents working with buyers in a changing market. She emphasizes the importance of understanding and communicating your value proposition, focusing on solving buyers' specific problems and showcasing your unique skills and expertise. Kristi also discusses the need to educate buyers on the true meaning of representation and the risks they face without professional guidance. Listen in! Read More

1253: Your Listing ‘Touch Ups’ Suck! Fix Them Now with Jordan Smith

Do you want to give your home a rockstar makeover on a budget before putting it on the market? Let’s welcome Jordan Smith, a real estate agent, investor, and designer who helps other people transform any house into a showstopper without breaking the bank! Get the lowdown on using creamy white paint for walls, choosing light floors, and nailing the latest trends like matte black door hardware and brushed brass fixtures. Discover tips for landscaping with fresh mulch and vibrant plants, and revamp your kitchen with sleek white cabinets and budget-friendly LVP flooring. Jordan also shares the magic of ready-to-assemble cabinets and the crucial impact of curb appeal with more tips on upgrading your front door and exterior lights. Get the inside scoop on affordable home makeovers. Listen now! Read More

1252: Stop Missing Out! Find Up-and-Coming Areas through Data with Ariel Herrera

DATA Scientist Ariel Herrera tells us how to figure out what's hot and what's not in a new real estate market. She suggests using data to identify desirable up-and-coming areas and recommends using resources like the U.S. Census to gather demographic information, population growth, and top employers in the area. She emphasizes the importance of building trust with clients by using data to back up recommendations. Ariel also explains the concept of neighborhood grades (A, B, C, D) and how they can help investors choose the right investment strategy. She introduces Coffee Clozers, a tool that provides neighborhood-grade heat maps and market data to help investors and agents make informed decisions for FREE. P.S. Here is the Coffee Clozers link exclusively for Real Estate Rockstar listeners - https://www.coffeeclozers.com/special-offer/exclusive-offer-real-estate-rockstars The offering is a 12-month subscription to 3 counties + investor-buyer leads per county for $500. Listen in PLUS get the offer now! Read More

1251: 22 Years Old with 18 Pending via the BEST Buyers Consultation with Isacc Lightbourn

How does a 22-year-old land 18 pending deals? Isacc Lightbourn, a young REALTOR® from El Paso, Texas, shares how he did it with his buyer's consultation process! Discover how the initial meeting location, breaking the ice, and building rapport can make all the difference. Isacc reveals the secrets to a successful buyer-realtor® relationship, like handling tricky topics like commission and money matters. He shows why realtors are so valuable in buying a home. Isacc also explains the must-know pre-approval process, the difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval, and why being honest with your lender is crucial. He guides you in figuring out what buyers really want, finding the perfect home, making strong offers, handling inspections, and sealing the deal. Curious about mastering the home-buying journey? Listen in to learn from Isacc Lightbourn’s expertise! Read More
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Podcast Hosts

Aaron Amuchastegui

Podcast Host and Owner
Aaron has experienced some of life's lowest lows and highest highs. In the past 10 years, Aaron has started several companies and led them to success. He's also bought and sold more than 700 homes nationwide. As Aaron says, he's gone from "being broke to being blessed." On the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast, he's hoping to drive others to succeed by sharing guests' inspiring stories.

Shelby Johnson

Podcast Host
Shelby served in the Army for 6 years and got out as a Captain in the beginning of 2018 to dive into real estate full time as both a broker & investor. Out the gate, she was recognized as the Keller Williams Rookie of the Year for all of North & South Carolina with 48 transactions closed. She moved on to create a traditional team, Five Pillars Realty Group, which closed 500+ transactions in the first 2.5 years.