1150: What to Do When Real Estate Transactions Are Down With Courtney Atkinson

In most real estate markets, transactions are down significantly from last year. For most real estate agents, this means making less money while working harder. In times like these, it's easy to get discouraged, but staying positive is essential. On this Real Estate Rockstars, guest host Courtney Atkinson returns to share his perspective on and experience with tough market conditions. Listen and learn how to grow through the challenges of the 2023 real estate market so that you're ready for the next time sales surge. Read More

1149: The Family Board Meeting With Jim Sheils

For many entrepreneurs, real estate is the “how” when it comes to building an incredible life. But it's important not to neglect the “why.” On today's podcast with author Jim Sheils, we discuss what it takes to deepen relationships with those who matter most. Listen and learn about a simple strategy proven by thousands of parents worldwide. Jim also shares real estate predictions—including why he thinks 2030 could be the next big crash—and offers advice on where investors should buy property right now. Read More

1148: From Real Estate Investor to Licensed Agent With Amy Rogers

Ready to get your start in real estate? If so, don't miss today's podcast with Amy Rogers, an agent who started selling homes after investing in them herself. On this episode, Aaron and Amy discuss the transition from buying homes to selling them, offer advice to new agents, and cover strategies for growing market share in a shifting market. Amy also explains why a morning routine should be a part of every real estate agent's day and how to apply what you learn by listening to the show. Read More

1147: Millions in Sales With a New Real Estate Career – Kelly Carlson

Elliot Hoyte hosts our first 30 Under 30 Honoree interview of 2023 with Kelly Carlson. Kelly has seen massive success in Chicago's competitive real estate markets since starting her career. On today's podcast, she discusses her strategy for focusing on first-time home buyers and shares how she gets deals to the finish line. Kelly and Elliot also offer tips for new real estate agents and talk about the value of mentorship early in an agent's career. Read More
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Podcast Hosts

Aaron Amuchastegui

Aaron has experienced some of life's lowest lows and highest highs. In the past 10 years, Aaron has started several companies and led them to success. He's also bought and sold more than 700 homes nationwide. As Aaron says, he's gone from "being broke to being blessed." On the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast, he's hoping to drive others to succeed by sharing guests' inspiring stories.

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Read about the strategies and systems that helped top agents find fast success in real estate. In our blog, we outline the best advice guests share on Real Estate Rockstars and offer quick tips for making more money in sales or as an investor.

FBI Negotiator Chris Voss’ Take on Tough Repair Requests

Before authoring Never Split the Difference, one of the best negotiation books of all time, Chris Voss worked as the FBI’s lead negotiator for international kidnappings. In the podcast below, Voss shares the secrets of professional persuasion and explains what real estate agents can do to save deals in danger of falling through.

3 Things Real Estate Agents Need to Succeed

What separates today’s top performers from average agents? If you ask veteran Realtor and team leader Jeff Quintin, it comes down to three simple things: skills, dedication, and mindset.

In the podcast below, Quintin explains why these three things are essential when it comes to finding success in the real estate industry. He also shares practical ways to build sales skills, advice on honing a healthy mindset, and more. Listen in and discover what steps you can take to become the perfect sales professional.

The 10 Best Real Estate Books of All Time

There’s a lot of economic uncertainty right now, and it’s easy to get discouraged as sales slow down. If you find yourself in need of additional inspiration and guidance during these trying times, a great real estate book might be all it takes to get back on track. Below, I’ve linked to 10 of what I believe to be the best real estate books of all time. Take a look and see if one might be a good fit for you.