1221: Real Estate Events 101: Promotion, People, and Partnerships With Eddie Massa

March 7, 2024

Hosting real estate events is a really great way to win new business—when done right. Today’s guest, Eddie Massa, is the master of real estate events. He gets hundreds of heads at his events in Houston, has costs covered by sponsors, and always gets new clients. On this podcast, Eddie shares exactly how he got started and what he’s learned along the way. Listen in for tips on marketing events, finding venues, hiring help, and more. Eddie even covers how he follows up with attendees and the specific tools he uses to throw his monthly meet ups as efficiently as possible.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars Podcast [0:00]
  • What The Real Estate Social is all about [1:20]
  • Tips on running real estate events [4:10]
  • Capturing attendee information via Eventbrite [8:58]
  • How and how soon to start promoting your real estate events [14:35]
  • Promoting real estate events with ads [19:34]
  • Capturing media at events in order to create FOMO for future events [20:05]
  • Following up with attendees when your event is over [21:48]
  • How to get sponsors for your real estate event [23:00]
  • Words of encouragement and advice for hosting events [32:04]
  • How to build a real estate event from scratch with no social proof [34:23]
  • Eddie’s marketing strategies for other real estate related services [35:35]
  • How Eddie Massa built a massive following on Instagram [37:15]
  • Making the highest and best use of your time [42:32]
  • Where to find and follow Eddie Massa [45:39]

Eddie Massa

Introducing Eddie Massa, a seasoned professional with over a decade of distinguished experience spanning the realms of real estate and hospitality. From his foundational
tenure at Keller Williams, where he cultivated his skills under the mentorship of industry luminaries, to his dynamic leadership roles at esteemed establishments such as Clé
and Spire, Eddie’s career trajectory reflects a commitment to excellence and strategic innovation.

His transition from nightlife management to the realm of fine dining saw him at the helm of MAD, where his strategic acumen and operational expertise propelled the
establishment to become the epitome of culinary excellence in Houston’s River Oaks district. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Eddie seamlessly pivoted back to his
real estate roots, spearheading innovative initiatives such as “The Real Estate Social,” a highly acclaimed networking event that swiftly became an integral fixture in Houston’s professional landscape.

Today, as a distinguished professional and part-owner of three prominent Midtown establishments—Bandits Dance Hall, 40 All, and the eagerly anticipated PDA—Eddie
continues to thrive at Riverway Title as a business development rep closing both residential and commercial transactions. His main strategy was to build a networking
culture in Houston to add value to his current and future clients using his hospitality background as a platform.

Eddie Massa is a dynamic entrepreneur with a diverse background spanning over a decade in both the real estate and hospitality industries. With a relentless drive for
success, Eddie has navigated through various roles, showcasing his adaptability and leadership skills at every turn.

Having commenced his journey in 2009, Eddie embarked on his real estate career, acquiring his license and honing his skills under the mentorship of a top producer at
Keller Williams. Eager to broaden his expertise, he pursued a real estate appraisal license while pursuing his education at the University of Houston. This led him to Butler
Burgher Group, where he provided invaluable assistance to commercial appraisers. Eddie’s ventures didn’t stop there. His passion for the hospitality scene drew him to
Clé, a renowned nightclub in Houston’s midtown area. Starting as a VIP host, Eddie’s exceptional sales acumen propelled him to sell nearly $2 million in bottle sales within
his first year. His dedication and strategic prowess saw him rise to the position of general manager, where he played a pivotal role in establishing the acclaimed nightclub, Spire, in downtown Houston.

Teaming up with the global powerhouse, Tao Group, Eddie orchestrated some of the city’s most extravagant events, including Superbowl festivities, generating millions in
revenue over a span of 3 days. His next challenge led him to Chapman & Kirby in East Downtown, where he transformed the venue into a premier cocktail lounge, attracting
crowds of over a thousand patrons weekly. In 2018, Eddie embraced a new challenge, joining the elite fine dining concept, MAD, in River Oaks. His strategic vision and operational expertise were instrumental in the restaurant’s phenomenal success, solidifying its status as the hottest dining destination in town.

While at MAD, Eddie reignited his passion for real estate, joining Riverway Title as a business development rep. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, he leveraged his networking skills to establish “The Real Estate Social,” a highly acclaimed monthly event that quickly became a staple in Houston’s real estate community.

Currently, Eddie’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive him forward as a part-owner of three distinct hospitality concepts in Midtown: Bandits Dance Hall, 40 All, and PDA (Coming soon). Additionally, he remains actively involved in various real estate networking groups, serving in leadership roles for Women’s Council of Realtors
Houston and HAR YPN, where he spearheads impactful events and initiatives.

With an impressive track record of success and a relentless commitment to excellence, Eddie Massa embodies the intersection of innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurial
spirit in both the real estate and hospitality industries.

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