1222: How to Generate 100+ Real Estate Referrals in One Year With Rachel Adams Lee

March 11, 2024

Learn how to generate 100+ real estate referrals in just one year! Today’s guest, Rachel Adams Lee, gets over 100 referrals per year with one simple strategy. Tune in and hear exactly how it works. Plus, Rachel covers a simple formula for successful reels, the five pillars of quality social media posts, and her step-by-step process for mastering real estate scripts fast. Shelby and Rachel also discuss time blocking, healthy boundaries, and best way to manage buyer clients.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars Podcast [0:00]
  • The power of time blocking [1:12]
  • How Rachel Adams Lee handles lead gen [5:25]
  • Social media requirements for real estate agents [9:13]
  • The five pillars of quality social media posts [11:27]
  • What’s great about stories [14:02]
  • How to talk to a new buyer client [15:41]
  • Setting and respecting boundaries with clients [17:17]
  • How to generate hundreds of referrals via social media [18:30]
  • A simple formula for successful reels [20:31]
  • How to find and get good at real estate scripts [22:31]
  • How to turn social media contacts into referrals and commissions [26:45]
  • Building out campaigns, coaching, and more [34:40]
  • Being intentional for more real estate success [36:59]
  • 20+ tips on how to build your real estate business [39:21]
  • Where to find and follow Rachel Adams Lee [43:14]

Rachel Adams Lee

Rachel Adams Lee is just a small town girl making moves! She is a top 1000 agent in the US, a multi-passionate entrepreneur & new Mama. She runs four 6-figure businesses with her hubby and lives life on her terms! She love helping others tap into their true potential and build the business of their dreams. Facts: Positivity is her jam. You can find her snuggled on the couch in yoga pants, hair in a messy bun with her laptop! She is 5ft tall, love all things social media, obsessed with having a healthy marriage, and think Nutella should be its own food group!

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