1013: The Best Real Estate Podcasts of 2021

January 10, 2022

Happy New Year! With 2021 at its end, we went through the stats and read listeners’ comments to select highlights from last year’s top 10 real estate podcasts. Congratulations to all of the guests who made the list, and thank you to everyone who helped make 2021 such a great year for the show, including you! Without listeners like you supporting and sharing Real Estate Rockstars, this show wouldn’t be possible. Here’s to another great year!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Why Shelby got into real estate [2:32]
  • Advice on starting a real estate team [4:30]
  • Why there is no easy button in real estate [6:00]
  • Advice for new agents [7:43]
  • How to succeed in 2021’s competitive real estate markets [11:21]
  • Elliott Hoyte – Talk to the other agent [13:26]
  • David Greene – Stop looking at list price like it even matters [14:01]
  • Daniel Del Real – When list price matters and when it doesn’t [14:51]
  • Kimberlee Meserve – How to get buyers’ offers accepted in today’s competitive markets [15:46]
  • Diego Corzo – Build rapport and waive inspections [16:10]
  • Jay’s advice for real estate agents [17:58]
  • The difference between good and great [19:31]
  • Where Luke gets his leads and how he converts 10 percent of them [22:10]
  • How to invest your commission checks wisely [25:26]
  • How Julee nurtures her social media leads [28:20]
  • How to invest your commission checks wisely [32:14]
  • How to build a referral-based business [32:53]
  • Garrett’s coaching course on referral generation [33:47]
  • Advice for relational real estate agents [35:08]
  • Housing trends show inventory levels increasing [36:43]
  • Why 2022 might be a better year for home buyers [37:23]
  • Millennials’ biggest regrets as homebuyers [41:54]
  • Why emotional support is secondary to expertise in real estate [44:25]
  • What to convey with your real estate branding [49:04]
  • Advice for people who are considering a career in real estate [51:10]
  • How Real Estate Rockstars gave Stephanie the confidence to go dominate [54:26]

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