SOTM 86: 2022 Real Estate Predictions and Investment Strategies – Kelly Skeval and Karen Hollands

January 13, 2022

For nearly two years now, hesitant buyers have been asking agents the same question: “Are we in a bubble?” We don’t think so. On today’s State of the Market podcast, real estate experts Kelly Skeval and Karen Hollands share their market predictions for 2022. After that, they discuss several investment strategies that have been proven effective in both buyer and seller markets time and again. Other topics covered include 2022’s hottest real estate markets, whether or not to raise rents during the pandemic, and why first-time home buyers have it so hard right now.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Want to be a guest host on State of the Market? [1:34]
  • About Karen Hollands [2:27]
  • Real estate predictions for 2022 [3:15]
  • FSBO homes hit 40-year low [5:40]
  • Why Karen likes FSBO leads [7:08]
  • Why sellers should use an agent [10:22]
  • Are we in a housing bubble? [13:52]
  • A strong sign that we’re not in a bubble [15:27]
  • Karen’s experience as a landlord in New York [24:04]
  • Why first-time home buyers have it so hard right now [25:42]
  • Why Kelly isn’t raising rents for her tenants [28:19]
  • Smart real estate investment strategies for the younger generation [33:25]
  • Why Tampa will be 2022’s hottest market [35:38]
  • 2022’s top five hottest markets (according to Zillow) [37:39]
  • How home preferences vary between baby boomers and millennials [39:19]
  • How far $1.3M will go with markets in Maine, New Mexico, and New York [41:09]

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