747: Recruit 100+ Real Estate Agents per Year in Six Simple Steps with Adam Roach

January 2, 2019

You can’t scale a real estate business without recruiting top talent, but what’s the best way to get great agents on your team? Find out on this Real Estate Rockstars with Adam Roach! For years, Adam has been one of Keller Williams’ top recruiters, and he joins Pat today to share his six-step process for recruiting 100+ agents per year. Listen and learn where to find your market’s top agents, which scripts work best for agent recruitment, and more. Don’t miss it!

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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • The importance of recruiting top talent [2:50]
  • Where to find great agents in your market [9:04]
  • How to surround yourself with great team members [11:55]
  • The best CRM to use for agent recruitment [14:43]
  • A script for setting appointments with potential hires [17:11]
  • How to identify gaps in an agent’s business [25:54]
  • Ways to provide value [29:05]
  • What to expect regarding agent attrition [30:43]
  • Why you should never stop learning [31:23]
  • Action items for agent recruitment [33:34]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Adam Roach

As a native Hoosier, Adam graduated from Indiana University and was a collegiate tennis player. After IU he traveled west and landed in Beverly Hills, CA. It was there that he refined his business and real estate skills.

In 2004 Adam became an equity partner in Beverly Hills Tennis while serving as the youngest General Manager in the company’s history. Adam was also named the Southern California Head/Penn Pro of the year in 2008. From 2003-2008, Adam and his investment group bought and sold over $7 million in investment properties. In 2009 he joined Keller Williams Beverly Hills for its entrepreneurial focus and its unparalleled culture. To quote Adam, “KW’s values of God, Family, then Business spoke to my core. Their entrepreneurial spirit and training programs, especially for $25 million and above agents, are priceless.” At the end of 2010, Adam was presented with the opportunity to run the most profitable Keller Williams franchise in the Ohio Valley Region and was asked to become a founding member of The John Maxwell Training Team.

While leading kw | Indianapolis Metro North, Adam increased the agent count exponentially, grew the associates productivity via his advanced agent productivity training and exceeded all profitability expectations. In June of 2013, Adam was given the opportunity to lead yet another exceptional Keller Williams market center, this time in Charleston, South Carolina.  In 2016 Adam and his Vision Team were the number one recruiting market center in the Carolina’s Region, grossing 183 agents and netting 102!  Since that time Adam’s Vision Team has build the largest real estate office in all of Charleston and will surpass a Billion dollars in sales in 2018!

In 2014, Adam founded and created the first and only lead generation/communication system specifically for Keller Williams’ Team Leaders, called recruiting | bridge.  To-date, recruiting | bridge has had nearly 90% of all Keller Williams market centers using the application and generating over 100,000 leads annually.

From Operating Principal Dennis Barrow, “Adam is an energetic, well-liked team leader with extensive real-life experience in the real estate industry. Team members have come to rely on his steady guidance and creative approach to team-building through his exceptional consulting abilities. Adam encourages his team members to become active in the decision-making at their market center–a principle that is evident in his open-book, open-door policy and his frequent engagement with the Agent Leadership Council. Adam believes in dealing with associates on their terms. He is patient and supportive with newer agents, and has the wisdom and experience to offer the sophisticated support structure required by more experienced agents.”

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