1058: How to Get 44 Doors and Hundreds of Real Estate Sales – Aditya Soma

June 27, 2022

Aditya Kumar Soma quit his job as a software developer the day after he got his real estate license. Now, just three years later, Aditya and his team close over 100 deals per year. And Aditya’s love for real estate isn’t limited to sales; he currently owns over 44 doors and has achieved his goal of true financial freedom. On today’s podcast, Aditya shares how he found fast success in a new industry and as a new investor. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Aditya’s love for Real Estate Rockstars [4:27]
  • About Aditya Kumar Soma [5:13]
  • What it’s like growing up on a farm in South India [9:08]
  • What drove Aditya to dive into real estate [10:36]
  • The two books that changed Aditya’s life [13:24]
  • How Aditya got into real estate sales [19:16]
  • Solving the revenue problem instead of the expense problem [25:24]
  • About Aditya Soma’s real estate team and YouTube channel [27:57]
  • Transitioning from buyers to listings [29:55]
  • How Aditya purchased over 40 properties in under five years [30:32]
  • Advice for real estate agents on investing in real estate [35:18]
  • Not letting fear hold you back from new opportunities [37:30]
  • The secret to Aditya’s success: mentorship [40:15]
  • Where to find, follow, and connect with Aditya Soma [43:48]

Aditya Soma

Aditya is a software engineer turned real estate agent in Canada making over a million dollars in commissions. He has not just built a dream life for his family but is also helping people create FREEDOM. It all started with 1 youtube video and today he has 20,000+ Subscribers, with over 1 million views, and just last year (2021) he and his company (Wincity Real Estate Team) sold $75 million of real estate.

Aditya comes from a humble background in India and has had a tough childhood. He has seen his father hustle into odd jobs to get the food on the table. And now, finally, he retired his father, paid away all his debt, and is living the Canadian dream with his family.

Aditya has been rated as #1 Real Estate agent in Windsor, ON and he is among the top 40 Real Estate Agents in Canada.

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