Are you ready to take back your own real estate leads from Zillow, and the other syndication giants of real estate? Do you think it’s not possible to go head to head with these giants and win SEO, marketing and advertising battles to grow your business on your own terms? You do not want to miss today’s guest, Bo Apele, as he shares the exact strategy and tools his real estate team uses to get higher-quality real estate leads without competition from other agents in his market, and how he is doing this by pulling all his money out of Zillow,, Trulia and other syndication giants, investing it in his own marketing and advertising and winning big!


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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Bo’s brief bio [1:46]
  • How Bo started in the real estate business [4:47]
  • The “Internet leads are a way to get burned out” Philosophy [5:58]
  • What Bo’s business looked like last year and lessons learned from expansion [9:42]
  • Bo’s GCI and profit in the last 12 months [12:54]
  • Why Bo felt it was important to get more involved in personal production [14:04]
  • How Bo spends his day growing his business and helping his team [15:46]
  • How Bo started to wean his brokerage from Zillow and other syndicates [20:07]
  • What a retargeted ad and Adwerx is all about [21:35]
  • Taking on Zillow,, etc. with SEO based on hyper-local keywords and ad retargeting [28:37]
  • Using BombBomb and Google Hangouts to Connect with Leads and Clients [30:59]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more!


Bo-Michael Apele

Bo-Michael Apele was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawai’i and moved to Spokane in August of 2000. Prior to moving to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, he was attending the University of LaVerne in Southern California. Shortly after beginning his freshman year, Bo learned of his mother’s degenerative liver disease and the fact that he was the only person in their family who was a perfect match for a living-donor transplant. Bo himself moved to be closer to his family and to begin preparing to give up part of his liver to save his mother’s life. Miraculously, just days before Christmas, they received news of an available liver from a deceased donor. They spent that Christmas in Denver with his mother and her new liver. This was actually the best possible scenario for Bo’s mother. With the first few years after transplant being the highest probability of organ rejection, Bo then became her backup donor. He stuck around Spokane to be readily available should she need to call on him again. Over time, Bo became accustomed to living in the Pacific Northwest and eventually built his own family. This is when Bo decided to become a licensed Washington Real Estate agent. He began teaching himself to write HTML and to fully utilize the internet to market the properties that he was listing. After several years, Bo had become a leading authority on this type of marketing in Spokane. Fast forward a few more years and he is now the CEO of The ‘Ohana Realty Group, one of the top real estate groups in the Spokane MLS.


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