Are you letting buyer leads slip through the cracks at open houses? Do you or your team absolutely dread phone prospecting? Are you looking for new ways to deliver more value and, in return, make more money in real estate. Phoenix real estate rockstar Carin Nguyen, who leads a highly-successful real estate team and also helps agents as a real estate coach, offers listeners valuable, actionable advice in today’s podcast – advice which you can use to elevate your career and your team while growing your bottom line. Continue reading

Looking for new ideas on how to keep more real estate profits by lowering expenses for your real estate team? Raleigh, NC real estate agent Jennifer Spencer shares her unique compensation and incentive approach that helps with agent retention, motivation and work/life balance. Along with this real estate team model that lowers expenses and keeps profits high, Spencer also shares her strategy for pairing Zillow reviews with Zillow advertising along with other real estate marketing strategies you can put into action right away to generate seller and buyer leads. Great approach from a highly-successful agent – many jewels we can all learn from in this podcast. Continue reading

Are you spending too much of your hard earned commission dollars buying leads? If so or if you want to learn more about increasing your real estate profits, then drop what you are doing and listen to today’s podcast with Virginia Beach real estate agent Kevin Taylor. Pat and Kevin dive deep, along with some great role-playing, into how Kevin is crushing it and earning a ton of commission dollars – more importantly how he is keeping more commission dollars with 95% net profits by never paying for leads. Continue reading

Are you one of the many real estate agents who listen to our show wanting to grow wealth by to taking your commission dollars and investing multi-family real estate investments? If you answered “yes” or you already invest in single-family homes and are ready to trade in your little green houses for one big red property, then this show with multi-family property expert Charles Dobens is a must-listen! After this podcast, you will have the exact plan to follow to buy your first multi-family investment property and you’ll also hear how you can leverage real estate syndication wisely to grow wealth. Continue reading

Have you ever wondered if your real estate commission is worth the hours you put into earning it? Have you ever thought that there might just be a more effective way to grow wealthy with real estate? One time police officer and Texas real estate agent Michael Owen had those same questions and the answers he got took him on a different real estate path – a path that now has him on the fast lane to financial freedom. Hear Michael’s story and how you can take the same path in today’s podcast interview. Continue reading

Former Mega Agent Wayne Salmans was riding a huge wave of success when the floor fell out beneath him and he hit rock bottom. He lost his real estate clients, his source of income and, even worse, his family. Hear Wayne’s inspiring story of how he went on to train over 5,000 real estate agents as a Keller Williams trainer and how he now spends more time with his family and how he empowers others to be their own heroes and connect with clients, real estate team members and family on a deeper level. This is truly and inspiring podcast which will help you make more money in real estate by forming a deeper connection with buyers and sellers. Continue reading

Ever wonder what it would be like to pick Barbara Corcoran’s brain for real estate investment strategies, how to spot investment opportunities, advice for new real estate agents, and other information that can help you make more money and grow wealthy in real estate and investing? Well, today’s your lucky day. Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran was kind enough to join Pat Hiban on the podcast and share a wealth of information and advice to help each and every one of you see more success – whether that success comes from real estate sales, investing in companies or real estate investments. Drop what you are doing because you don’t want to miss today’s Real Estate Rockstar interview with the one-and-only Barbara Corcoran of The Corcoran Group in New York City as she shares some of the advice she’s used to get her to a point where she was able to buy her $10 million dream home. Continue reading

Imagine how your life would be different if you had a profit margin of 80% and $100,000 in commissions monthly? In over 450 podcasts, Pat has never interviewed a real estate agent with an 80% profit margin. Hear exactly – and we do mean exactly with full actionable details – how two-time guest and solo agent Ricky Carruth crushes it month after month with very little expenses and a huge profit payout. It’s not complicated and you can start following in his footsteps today! Continue reading

Hear how you can sell more houses and inject steroids into your sphere of influence using a simple-to-implement 3-phase system which brings real results to real estate agents working with Grant Wise. Learn to leverage traffic from Facebook, utilize strategic landing pages and implement the one thing guaranteed to help you get more conversions. Are you ready to fuel your financial engine with Facebook ads, create a system that has opportunity knocking at your door and receive more real estate profits? Then, don’t miss today’s podcast with Grand Wise of Modern Agent Mastery. Continue reading