Brett Keppler is the lead broker over at TREO and manages both the REO Division and the Premier Homes Division. He entered the world of Real Estate in 2005 when the market was just beginning to drop out and “was the best decision (Brett) ever made”. Being a young owner of a successful Real Estate firm, Brett has had the opportunity to assess and redesign an industry in major need of positive change. Brett was recently named one of America’s top real estate professionals/professional teams by REAL Trends and The Wall Street Journal.  He and his team are now members of the “Top Thousand Top Real Estate Professionals,” a prestigious national awards ranking sponsored annually by the two respected publications. Brett is now ranked in the top one tenth of 1 percent of more than 963,000 REALTORS® nationwide. His newest venture is Nekst, where he is seeking to make the process of managing a transaction simple, transparent and mostly automated – but without sacrificing fantastic customer service.

Join us as Brett shares his mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by seeking out ways to improve the real estate industry using a background that only a seasoned agent can see.






“Let’s all get out there and do the things people don’t want to do, and sell houses in whatever manner that makes you the happiest.” – Brett Keppler



Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Brett’s short bio [7:18]
  • What he did when the market was struggling [7:41]
  • What Brett spent doing during the last five years [7:51]
  • Which income stream pays Brett the most money [8:49]
  • What Brett’s team looks like [9:48]
  • How Brett does 20 listings a month [11:00]
  • What Brett does most of the time for his team [12:00]
  • Brett’s profit margin on his current team [13:21]
  • What technology Brett is excited about [15:03]
  • Brett’s Reading [16:40]
  • The weirdest thing Brett saw in a house [18:44]
  • What Brett does to get traditional business today [20:57]
  • “Let’s all get out there and do the things people don’t want to do, and sell houses in whatever manner that makes you the happiest.” [31:24]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more!

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