1021: Pivot to Profit: Succeeding in San Francisco’s Shifting Market – Brian Tran

February 14, 2022

Brian Tran rode the wave of San Francisco’s rising real estate market until Covid-19 forced luxury condo sales into a rapid decline. On today’s podcast, we discuss his strategic shift into the single-family market and the success he’s had since starting a team. Brian also offers advice to new agents on marketing, modeling, and farming. Tune in and find out what you can do to make more sales as markets shift.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Why Brian Tran got into real estate [2:10]
  • Brian’s first year in real estate [4:35]
  • How Brian pivoted to thrive through 2020 and 2021 [6:01]
  • The two types of condominiums in San Francisco [9:05]
  • How to win listings when competing with experienced agents [11:02]
  • Why Brian decided to start a real estate team [13:04]
  • Brian’s sales stats for 2021 [17:38]
  • Why and how agents should produce real estate videos [19:50]
  • Coaching versus modeling [23:53]
  • Growing a team organically [28:47]
  • More delegation for more deals [31:57]
  • Brian’s approach to focused real estate farming [34:16]
  • Why multiple touches on multiple mediums is so effective [37:18]
  • How to reach out to Brian [48:49]

Brian Tran

When Brian Tran’s parents moved to the United States, homeownership was part of the American dream they sought. Brian’s father relentlessly pursued that dream, overcoming many obstacles until it was realized, which inspired Brian to help others achieve the same goal.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Brian obtained his real estate license upon graduation from the University of California, San Diego. Though he began his career in Oakland, Brian quickly shifted his focus to selling luxury condos in San Francisco. Brian credits his college studies in communications and political science with priming him to become the clearest communicator and most diplomatic negotiator on the real estate scene. His proven system gives his clients a voice and enables all parties to leave the bargaining table with a smile. Brian believes nothing survives without integrity, and he keeps this value at the core of all his efforts to set clients up for generational wealth.

As a father, Brian devotes most of his free time to his family, but he can often be found boxing before sunrise or indulging in his passion for cars on the open stretch of Highway 1. Brian also owns Rise & Grind, a San Francisco-based coffee shop with two locations. Meanwhile, he practices what he preaches and is the proud owner of multiple rental units in San Francisco and Oakland.

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