1022: The Best Way to Win Investors’ Business with Johnny Hoang

February 17, 2022

Real estate investors are some of the best clients an agent could hope for. Not only are they serious buyers and sellers, many do multiple deals per year. On today’s podcast with Johnny Hoang from The David Greene Team, we discuss the best way to win an investor’s business. Listen and learn what numbers you need to know, where to generate investor leads, and how to sell investors on your real estate services.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Johnny’s start in real estate [1:23]
  • How working with builders prepared Johnny for real estate sales [4:29]
  • Johnny’s real estate sales stats [6:01]
  • Working with real estate investors in San Francisco [8:38]
  • A strategy for turning homeowners with high equity into real estate investors [9:15]
  • How Johnny gets investor leads [11:59]
  • How to win clients at a real estate meetup [17:19]
  • Common questions from prospective investors [19:44]
  • How to structure a real estate meetup [24:18]
  • What Johnny wishes he knew as a new real estate agent [25:16]
  • Johnny’s investment strategy and why he’s bullish on the Bay Area [28:23]
  • How to reach out to Johnny Hoang [36:41]

Johnny Hoang

Johnny Hoang is an investor and licensed real estate agent on The David Green Team. He is based out of the Bay Area but can help anywhere in NorCal.

He specializes in house hacking, bay area flip projects and buy/hold. Their mission is to help their clients build wealth with an investors eye, help them grow their portfolio the same way they did with theirs. Through the systems they created and experience they required, they want to help people using education as a tool. Their number one priority is to protect and serve your capital!

Now, his main mission outside of of building his portfolio; is to help other people build theirs through everything he’s learned and continue to learn. It’s going to be a good next couple of years.

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