1178: More Leads, Less Effort: Tech Tools for Organic Lead Gen With Charlie Cameron

September 28, 2023

Hate cold calling? Hear how to ditch it entirely on this podcast with organic-lead-gen expert Charlie Cameron. Charlie generated an incredible amount of real estate business incredibly fast, and it was very inexpensive. Today, he shares the low-cost tech tools and proven strategies that helped make it happen. Discover how he built a booming Facebook group, how he consistently ranks above competitors on Google, and more on this Real Estate Rockstars!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Charlie Cameron [0:54]
  • “Easy money” [2:20]
  • Getting clients from a Facebook group [3:25]
  • You don’t have to cold call [4:54]
  • How NOT to fail at Facebook groups [6:37]
  • Ways to help your Facebook group grow [8:46]
  • Charlie’s follow-up process for Facebook leads [12:44]
  • How much business Charlie gets from his Facebook group [19:22]
  • Attracting clients and agents with blogging and SEO [20:43]
  • How to ensure potential clients find you online [27:42]
  • Ways to get ahead with organic lead gen now [30:14]
  • Charlie’s content-machine goal [36:44]
  • Advice on picking a platform for your content [38:11]
  • Charlie Cameron’s advice for real estate agents [44:56]

Charlie Cameron

Real estate super nerd, family man and veteran! I’m passionate about real estate and obsessed with helping others win and with continuous growth.

Charlie Cameron is a Dad, military spouse, and Air Force veteran (turned reservist) who found a passion for real estate while serving. Thanks to real estate—largely eXp Realty and investing—he was able to transition out of Active Duty military service to focus on real estate! People and real estate are his passions, and helping other succeed is what he finds most rewarding.

Charlie enjoys mentoring growth-minded agents the most. At this time, he is growing an international real estate team, building a local military-focused real estate team along the Florida Panhandle, and scaling an as-passive-as-possible real estate portfolio of short term rentals, residential assisted living, and more! He is also an Air Force Reservist in a part time capacity (2 weeks a year) as a weapon program manager.

By leveraging teams, systems, automation, and intentional task prioritization, Charlie is able to prioritize his most important thing: living in the moment with family & friends!

Current lines of effort:

  1. Grow international real estate team: help other real estate agents become successful, grow their leads and business, create multiple income streams, and achieve financial freedom. Team growth achieved through blog and content creation.
  2. Lead a local military-first real estate team: though long term low effort client attraction efforts, Charlie provides clients to his local military focused team to work and close!
  3. Scale a real estate investment portfolio: real estate investing is best investing!

Charlie has a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia and a Masters in Industrial Engineering from New Mexico State. He starting investing in real estate while serving in 2017 by STARTING with 8 apartments which he self managed. After scaling a small multifamily portfolio he transitioned and 1031 exchanged into a self managed short term rental portfolio, all of which he managed from afar. Recently he has pivoted again into the residential assisted living niche. Charlie partners on just about every investment deal he does.

Charlie spent 11 years on Active Duty, as an engineer and officer developing, testing, and managing cutting edge weapons systems programs to ensure the Air Force stays undefeatable! He led hundreds of tests and ran hundreds of million dollar a year programs and contracts developing, acquiring, and testing new weapons for the warfighter. During that time, he also served as a USAA Advisory Panel Member, providing direct feedback on bank and insurance products as a military member to the board of directors. In a past life, he has also been a Firefighter, EMT, and lifeguard.

Charlie is a nerd who loves to tinker and find new ways to grow and implement things in his businesses. While he wishes he was able to focus on only one business, he knows now that resistance is futile and he must find ways to grow multiple lines of effort without consuming more time!

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