1177: Track These Metrics to Maximize Your Conversion Rate – Eric Perez

September 25, 2023

Hear how to convert more contacts into clients on today’s Real Estate Rockstars with Eric Perez! Eric is the COO of a top real estate team and has identified what matters most when it comes to boosting conversion rate. In addition to sharing these metrics with listeners, Eric outlines strategies for improving each and every one of them. Plus, he offers recommendations for CRMs, content-creation tools, and more. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • “Big ticket syndrome” and measuring agent efficiency [3:08]
  • Focusing on the metric that matters most: conversion [5:16]
  • How to start tracking your conversion rate [7:11]
  • The best time to connect with potential clients [9:50]
  • Tips for increasing your talk time with prospects [12:23]
  • Leading with value [16:52]
  • Average contacts per closed deal in 2023 [18:38]
  • CRM recommendations [22:00]
  • The consumer journey [23:28]
  • AI tools for help with content creation [29:58]
  • Where to find virtual assistants [31:43]
  • What you must do as a team leader [36:07]
  • The type of person best suited for a real estate career [40:22]
  • Where to find and follow Eric Perez [44:58]

Eric Perez

Eric Perez is a seasoned professional in the realm of business operations, currently holding the position of Chief Operations Officer for the Figueroa Team. His academic journey took root in the field of computer science at the University of Central Florida, where he honed his expertise in understanding the intricate interplay between data analytics and agent behavior within the dynamic landscape of hospitality enterprises.

Eric’s academic pursuits culminated in a specialized focus on the impact of agent behavior on sales performance, shedding light on the pivotal role that finely tuned operational strategies play in achieving sustained success.

Beyond the office setting, Eric’s dedication to excellence finds expression in his passion for jiu jitsu. In his leisure moments, he invests his time in mastering this intricate martial art, showcasing a commitment to discipline and continuous improvement that seamlessly aligns with his professional ethos.

In addition to his professional and athletic pursuits, Eric finds solace and joy in the companionship of his Siberian companion, Leonidas. This bond symbolizes his appreciation for loyalty, companionship, and the balance that life’s multifaceted journey demands.

With a blend of strategic acumen, a thirst for mastery, and a penchant for cultivating meaningful connections, Eric Perez exemplifies the convergence of dedication and proficiency in both the corporate and personal spheres of life.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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