1016: How to Close 20+ Deals Your First Year in Real Estate – Chaz Halbert

January 24, 2022

Finding clients as a new real estate agent doesn’t have to be hard. While you can win business with cold calls and open houses, you don’t have to. Today’s guest, Chaz Halbert, finished out his first year in real estate with seven successful listings and a total of 23 transactions. Listen and learn how Chaz won business from buyers and sellers as a new agent. Chaz covers social media marketing, his favorite scripts, and one of the best ways to bring clients extra value.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • The Rocklin real estate market [1:28]
  • Why tech professionals love Rocklin [3:34]
  • Chaz’ first year in real estate [4:54]
  • How Chaz got listings as a brand-new real estate agent [7:19]
  • What Real Estate Rockstars taught Chaz about winning business [10:30]
  • Chaz’ first real estate listing [14:29]
  • A conversation for winning business from first-time home buyers [15:26]
  • Why new agents need to be intentional about their business [18:08]
  • Where Chaz gets real estate leads [24:47]
  • Chaz’ advice on social media marketing [26:06]
  • Chaz’ circle-prospecting script [32:32]
  • Chaz’ sales stats for 2021 [36:28]
  • Another strategy for new agents who need business [39:26]
  • A great way to bring your clients extra value [40:08]
  • Chaz’ final thoughts and where to follow him [43:04]

Chaz Halbert

Chaz Halbert is a 30 year old first year agent with a background in commercial construction. He took a leap of faith and jumped into real estate after having his first child and realizing he was meant for more. It’s been more successful than Chaz could imagine and just getting started. Chaz uses outside of the box thinking to get his clients into contract and organic marketing to obtain new business.

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