1189: Gaining Clarity, Confidence, and Competence With Clayton Echard

November 6, 2023

Hear how to reach your full potential on today’s podcast with Clayton Echard. As a former pro athlete who’s built several booming businesses, Clayton has a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed. Here, he shares the power of presence, the importance of accountability, and the key to connecting with clients. Shelby and Clayton also cover their techniques for gaining clarity on important goals and identifying ways to accomplish them.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What Clayton Echard learned from playing football [2:57]
  • How to find common interests with new contacts [5:52]
  • The Friendship Formula [7:15]
  • Clayton Echard on not giving up after failure [8:56]
  • The power of presence [12:42]
  • What taught Clayton to take accountability [13:29]
  • Understanding what matters to clients [15:16]
  • 180 Degrees by Clayton Echard [17:32]
  • Six pillars for creating meaningful change in your life [19:24]
  • Ways to work toward your goals effectively [22:19]
  • Growing beyond certain relationships [24:50]
  • How to surround yourself with the right group of people [26:46]
  • Clayton Echard’s passion for and approach to mental health [35:47]
  • Why you should start journaling today [38:20]
  • How to overcome discomfort [41:52]
  • Why you shouldn’t worry what other people think about you [43:53]
  • Where to find and follow Clayton Echard [45:24]
  • When to cut back on social media [48:03]

Clayton Echard

Clayton Echard is a former collegiate & professional athlete, who played on the Seattle Seahawks, was a former lead on ABC’s The Bachelor, and is an advocate for fitness & mental health. Clayton has appeared on a variety of talk shows including Jimmy Kimmel, Live with Kelly & Ryan, and has been interviewed by People Magazine, Men’s Health, E!News and others. Passionate about sharing his experience struggling with mental health issues, Clayton’s public speaking profile includes appearances at an array of events across the United States, targeting discussions amongst youth and covering a variety of highly unspoken mental health issues, such as; Self-Awareness/Mindfulness, Body Dysmorphia, Cyberbullying, Toxic Masculinity and Suicidal Ideation.

Clayton’s words of wisdom: Make time every day to improve upon your physical and mental wellness

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