1166: Running a Real Estate Team With Craig Curelop

August 3, 2023

Running a real estate team can be a great way to scale—when it’s done right. Tune in and hear how to build your team without busting your budget on today’s podcast with Craig Curelop. Craig built his real estate team in a bustling market and quickly learned when and where to scale back for sustained success. In addition to discussions on team structure and systems, Shelby and Craig cover cutting costs, real estate marketing, and more. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Craig Curelop’s real estate team [1:55]
  • Craig’s start as a real estate team leader [3:03]
  • Staying solo or starting a team [5:16]
  • The next stage of team building [7:32]
  • Building out your team’s structure [8:40]
  • Providing systems for an agent’s success [11:38]
  • How to build better processes with less effort [12:58]
  • What to document when building processes [15:22]
  • Minimizing expenses and maximizing leverage [18:09]
  • How to hire and pay a transaction coordinator [19:45]
  • Making tough decisions when cutting costs [21:00]
  • The biggest lesson to learn when starting a real estate team [26:23]
  • Real estate team marketing expenses [27:20]
  • Craig’s favorite real estate CRM [28:01]
  • “The Agent Performance Tracker” [29:00]
  • How to test your new agents’ drive [32:22]
  • Protecting your business against agent disloyalty [35:48]
  • Craig’s plans for his real estate team [40:30]
  • Creating your perfect day [42:17]
  • Final words of advice on starting a real estate team [44:41]
  • Where to find and follow Craig Curelop [46:02]

Craig Curelop

Craig Curelop started out as a house hacker in Denver. After reaching financial independence in 2.5 years after three house hacks, he graduated from his W2 job at BiggerPockets to pursue being a full-time real estate agent inspiring others to do the same.

In his first year of being a real estate agent he did over 100 deals. That’s an exhausting year. He realized, that if he was going to continue onward, he’d have to create a team; hence the FI Team. In just three years, Craig has grown a team of over 20 agents that do $100M+ per year in volume.

In addition to the FI Team, Craig has a rental portfolio of 24 units along with being invested in multiple syndications, and coaches agents to grow their investor-friendly real estate agent teams!

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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