1167: The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to YouTube With Sam Caudle

August 7, 2023

Creating YouTube content is a great way to generate new clients, especially in real estate. Today’s guest, Sam Caudle, started his channel in 2021. Now, just two years later, he gets 99 percent of his business from YouTube with minimal effort and extremely low expenses. Listen and learn everything you need to know in order to start generating real estate leads from YouTube now. In addition to content ideas, Shelby and Sam discuss titles, thumbnails, video length, editing options, and more!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Sam Caudle [1:53]
  • Sam Caudle’s start in real estate [2:41]
  • Creating a YouTube channel for real estate leads [5:18]
  • How to get better with content creation [9:44]
  • The difference between paid leads and YouTube leads [11:22]
  • Tips for getting started on YouTube [13:23]
  • A simple formula for success with YouTube videos [14:49]
  • What to research before recording a real estate video [16:36]
  • How long your YouTube videos should be [18:32]
  • Two things not to do when creating YouTube content [20:07]
  • Why you should not edit your own videos [23:24]
  • Ideas for creating video thumbnails and titles [24:27]
  • Topics and tools for getting more views [25:46]
  • Time blocking video tasks to save you time and more on thumbnails [28:41]
  • Tips on where and how to shoot videos [32:10]
  • Why it’s not too late to get started with YouTube now [34:03]
  • How to convert viewers into subscribers and clients [36:04]
  • Easy ways to collaborate with editors [38:45]
  • Expenses to expect when starting a YouTube channel [40:15]
  • A mistake new YouTubers make that kills channel growth [42:31]
  • Sam’s plans for his YouTube channel in the future [44:03]
  • Doing a video series on areas in your market [47:25]
  • Sam’s final advice on starting a real estate YouTube channel [49:29]
  • Why agents should improve their skills as a storyteller [50:54]
  • Where to find and follow Sam Caudle [53:02]

Sam Caudle

Sam Caudle is a creative business developer, investor, and consultant. His primary focus is attracting real estate clients through a YouTube channel called, Living in Tampa, FL. Same visited 30 countries and had more than 30 jobs before he turned 30. All of these experiences are at work now as he builds his business through YouTube. Sam has many things in the works at all times. Follow Sam on YouTube and IG @thesamcaudle to see what he is up to.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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