1019: Play the Long Game and Win More Real Estate Deals – Elliot Hoyte

February 7, 2022

Playing the long game in real estate will set you up for long-term success. On today’s podcast with Elliot Hoyte, we discuss the lessons Elliot learned as he scaled his business. Discover why you must start planting seeds and nurturing leads now in order to hit your growth goals later. Elliot also shares how to find the right hires for a team, why he decided to found his own brokerage, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Elliot’s transition from solo agent to team leader [3:06]
  • Why mindset matters [5:16]
  • Tailoring your real estate business to suit your strengths [8:19]
  • Generating organic business and the next steps to scale [9:43]
  • How Elliot sets his business apart [12:57]
  • Why Elliot decided to start his own brokerage [14:52]
  • Elliot’s predictions for the Boise real estate market [17:52]
  • The first Real Estate Rockstars mastermind event [21:29]
  • Elliot’s thoughts on Austin, Texas [24:34]
  • Tips on finding the right people for your team [28:25]
  • Aaron’s experience with cryotherapy [32:06]
  • Elliot’s biggest goals for 2022 [35:00]
  • Experimenting with Facebook advertising [37:27]
  • Words of wisdom for new real estate agents [39:00]
  • Professional courtesies in real estate [42:34]
  • Why Idaho is a great state to live in right now [44:40]
  • Where to follow Elliot Hoyte [47:20]

Elliot Hoyte

Elliot Hoyte is originally from England and moved to Boise in 2012. His passion for the community and commitment to helping others led him here to Amherst Madison. Elliot is a graduate of Boise State University, where he excelled in the classroom and earned a degree in Organizational and Relational Communication. Elliot also made a name for himself on the football field as a championship winning defensive lineman. Prior to joining Amherst Madison, Elliot was an acclaimed Porsche Brand Ambassador, ranked as a top 15 product presenter in North America. This experience gave him a unique understanding of what it takes to deliver an exceptional and personal client experience. Elliot decided to call Boise home where he lives in the Depot Bench area with his beautiful wife, Aspen. As an Englishman, he is naturally a big soccer and rugby fan. However, Elliot’s biggest passion is for automobiles and racing. When he’s not working for you, expect to catch him at the local autocross track or fixing up a project car. Ultimately, Elliot’s passion for real estate, coupled with an unrivaled work ethic and tenacious attitude make him a reliable choice. Elliot understands your high expectations and he will stop at nothing to help you achieve your goals with class, integrity, and professional excellence.

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