1018: RERR Highlights – The Best Real Estate Podcast Clips of January 2022

February 3, 2022

Hear from seasoned successes and rapidly rising new agents in this special episode highlighting January 2022’s best real estate podcast moments. Guests share strategies, market predictions, opinions, and more. Listen and learn what these Real Estate Rockstars are doing to make 2022 their business’ best year yet.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Why agents must add value [4:37]
  • How to get an offer accepted right now [5:43]
  • Advice on starting a real estate team [8:26]
  • How to succeed in today’s competitive real estate markets [8:39]
  • Stop looking at list price like it even matters [9:02]
  • Advice for people who are considering a career in real estate [9:51]
  • Why Karen likes FSBO leads [12:56]
  • Smart real estate investment strategies for the younger generation [15:03]
  • Giving clients extra value [17:36]
  • The business-owner mindset ness [19:08]
  • Leading with your core values to build a quality team [20:54]
  • Blake’s first real estate deal [25:08]
  • Planting seeds with potential clients as a new agent [26:27]
  • Advice on accomplishing your goals with visualization [30:29]
  • What Real Estate Rockstars taught Chaz about winning business [30:54]
  • Why new agents need to be intentional about their business [33:23]
  • The stock market crash and how it could impact real estate [34:31]
  • Don’t rely on headlines to make financial decisions [35:33]
  • The secret to successfully selling new builds [37:08]
  • Three things Robert wishes he knew as a new agent [39:09]

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