1090: Why Now Is the Time to Gain Market Share With Eric Bramlett

October 20, 2022

Are your sales slowing? Are you worried what rising interest rates might mean for your real estate business? If so, you won’t want to miss today’s podcast with veteran Realtor Eric Bramlett. Eric gained significant market share during the last recession, and he’s here to cover what agents can do to survive and thrive when the going gets tough. Listen and learn how to protect your bottom line, where to focus your marketing efforts, and what to expect over the next 36 months.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Eric’s start in real estate [1:35]
  • Austin’s quick recovery from the dot-com-bubble burst [3:04]
  • Eric’s first real estate deal [3:46]
  • The easiest time to get a loan [5:36]
  • Aaron’s start with home flipping [7:01]
  • About Bramlett Residential [9:32]
  • Eric’s experience during the last major real estate market shift [10:20]
  • Gaining market share during the last recession [11:59]
  • Shady builders and clueless banks [14:32]
  • Eric’s advice for agents struggling right now [17:09]
  • Two options for protecting your bottom line and business [19:13]
  • Aaron’s prediction on when interest rates will start to come down [19:51]
  • Advice for agents who aren’t making any money right now [22:46]
  • Why people in their forever home will move again [26:05]
  • What Eric’s telling his agents right now [32:57]
  • Why the rental market will get tighter [37:01]
  • Eric Bramlett’s favorite CRM: Follow Up Boss [38:16]
  • Advice on running a real estate newsletter [41:36]
  • How Tim Ferris titled his most popular book [42:26]
  • Book and video recommendations for real estate agents [46:59]
  • How to start with systems for your business [48:57]
  • Where to find and follow Eric Bramlett [51:50]

Eric Bramlett

Eric Bramlett is the broker & co-owner of Bramlett Residential. Eric has been a full-time Austin REALTOR since 2003 and a broker since 2005. Eric consistently produces in the top 1% in Austin and has been an ABJ-winning top producer since 2013. Eric has personally completed 500+ transactions & $150M in sales over his career. Eric lives in central Austin with his wife Ali and son Beckett. When he’s not working at Bramlett Residential, Eric spends time with his family, on his bike, or climbing.

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