757: iBuyer Programs: How to Make 10% Profit per Property with Erik Hatch

February 4, 2019

iBuyer programs are blowing up, and many real estate professionals are worried about losing business. Today’s guest, broker Eric Hatch, isn’t one of them. In Erik’s eyes, the iBuyer model isn’t a threat; it’s an opportunity. Recently, he created his own iBuyer program, something he calls “Snap Offer.” On average, he’s making 10 percent profit per property, and his program has helped him consistently set over 50 listing appointments per month. Hear how his program works and how to start an iBuyer program of your own on this Real Estate Rockstars!


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Erik’s brief bio [3:51]
  • Erik’s GCI and profit figures [8:40]
  • Erik’s iBuyer model [12:14]
  • What you can make per iBuyer property [17:30]
  • An argument for leaving consumers with choices [19:25]
  • How to protect yourself when offering an iBuyer service [22:05]
  • Erik’s iBuyer process [24:22]
  • Where to find real estate investors [26:55]
  • How to set 50 listing appointments per month with postcards [29:10]
  • What Erik talks about on his local radio show [32:40]
  • Real estate service recommendations [36:21]
  • How to geotarget expireds [45:00]
  • Erik’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [49:34]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Eric Hatch

Erik Hatch is a native of Fargo, ND and has a beautiful family (wife Emily and children – Finley and Simon). His passions are simple – making a difference and having fun while doing so. Erik is the creator of the Homeless & Hungry movement that has raised close to a million dollars since 2006 for local homeless shelters. His dedication to the community and investment in the place he calls home is unparalleled.

Erik has built the top producing real estate team in North Dakota (source: Wall Street Journal) since 2012. Erik’s real estate team has grown at a record pace – amidst big failures and successes. He is garnering national attention for his efforts. With culture at the core, The Erik Hatch Team has helped over 2,500 families since 2012 with their real estate needs. Erik’s entrepreneurial spirit and gifts of building have elevated his real estate team to one of the top teams in the entire country. Currently, Erik is passionate about a charitable movement with a real estate colleague they created called “Sell A Home, Save A Child.”

Since college (North Dakota State University), Erik has been building events, businesses, charities, and people. He’s an investor at the core – investing his time, talent, and treasures into those around him. Erik has spoken at local, regional, and national conventions. He’s the host of Real Estate Radio – a social media expert – an avid writer – and a pretty poor golfer.

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