637: 10x Your Earnings by Creating an Expansion Empire with Mike Zinicola and Greg Erlanger

April 13, 2018

After taking hold as the top team in your market, it’s time to expand. That’s what Mike Zinicola and Greg Erlanger decided to do, and now they have five high-performing offices located throughout Ohio. Not only have they increased their earnings exponentially, they’ve managed to maintain a healthy profit margin along the way. On today’s show, they talk growth before covering other pressing topics, like the biggest threat to the 6% commission and the reason why technology can’t replace real estate agents. If you’re looking to expand, listen to this podcast with two Real Estate Rockstars who know how to do it right!


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • A brief background on Greg and Mike [3:49]
  • How to build and maintain expansion offices [8:08]
  • Why 85% of Greg and Mike’s deals come from agent-created leads [13:50]
  • Other income sources in real estate [18:27]
  • Advice on protecting your business with a good attorney [25:37]
  • The first thing to do once you get your real estate license [32:42]
  • Why technology will never replace real estate agents [36:19]
  • The biggest threat to 6% commissions [37:56]
  • The only lead that offers infinite ROI [40:05]
  • Greg and Mike’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [44:00]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Mike Zinicola and Greg Erlanger

Greg Erlanger and Mike Zinicola are the founding members and the “E” and “Z” in EZ Sales Team and The EZ Referral Network. The EZ Referral Network is a web-based system that allows for the easy referral of interested consumers to specific individuals at businesses. Businesses and sales people can use the EZ Referral Network to easily build up their network of referrals, track those referrals and make sure they are paid. They head up the technology, marketing efforts, negotiations and creative problem solving for homeowners. Greg’s years of corporate experience selling data technology have given home sellers a competitive advantage when marketing their homes. Mike’s law degree from Ohio State and years of practicing law has given home sellers a competitive advantage when negotiating the sale of their homes. Both Greg and Mike have been top realtors in the Cleveland area.

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