SOTM 92: How Greg Schwartz Turned Zillow Into a Real Estate Industry Leader

June 23, 2023

Former president of Media & Marketplace at Zillow, Greg Schwartz, joins us on today’s podcast. Listen and learn about the business principles that built Zillow and how to apply them to your real estate team. Greg and Aaron also discuss why home prices are still sky high, the biggest opportunity for real estate agents right now, and the secret to incredible customer service. Be sure to listen until the end for your chance to win a Sony EV-10 bundle from Tomo!

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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Greg Schwartz’ start in real estate [4:32]
  • Wise words: Be wary of debt [6:11]
  • Why real estate always has a bright future [8:25]
  • Opportunities with first-time home buyers [11:53]
  • How Zillow changed the real estate industry [13:17]
  • Greg Schwartz’ advice on building a real estate business [14:32]
  • The mindset shift Realtors need in order to build a team [17:08]
  • The business practices that built Zillow into what it is today [22:43]
  • The single most important thing for retention [25:32]
  • Celebrating the success of employees who move on [29:06]
  • Why the most successful agents are successful [33:37]
  • The founding principle of Zillow’s Premiere Agent Program [34:41]
  • Japan’s amazing customer service [37:32]
  • Best practices for converting online real estate leads [40:15]
  • What Tomo is and what it offers [44:30]
  • Tomo’s “appraisal guarantee” program [46:59]
  • How to work with Tomo [50:51]
  • REGISTER NOW to win a Sony EV-10 Bundle [52:32]

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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