1154: Going All In on Real Estate With Brittney Kosev

June 19, 2023

Are you considering a career in real estate but not ready to commit? Listen to today’s podcast with Brittney Kosev and get inspired to go all in on your new career as a Realtor. Brittney went from making $60,000 a year as a teacher to over $500,000 as full-time real estate agent. In addition to tips for new Realtors, Brittney offers advice on building a team, investing in real estate, and on winning new business. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Brittney Kosev’s start in real estate [2:18]
  • Brittney’s real estate transactions and goals for 2023 [3:53]
  • The DFW real estate market [4:48]
  • About the BK Real Estate team [5:28]
  • The challenges of working in real estate with another full-time job [6:52]
  • How one relationship can create a wealth of real estate leads [9:20]
  • Turning rental leads into buyer clients [13:49]
  • Appreciating all business that comes in [14:53]
  • Taking open houses one step further [16:24]
  • Tips for new real estate agents [16:51]
  • Advice from Brittney: Quit your job [19:19]
  • Tips for agents who are working two jobs [20:04]
  • A Realtor’s secret advantage: Work ethic [26:09]
  • The best way to spend your time as a Realtor [29:14]
  • Building credibility in real estate [30:20]
  • Tips on getting started with real estate [33:36]
  • The benefits of BiggerPockets conferences and quality people [34:12]
  • Getting help from the people who care [39:56]
  • Brittney’s goals for growth and advice on finding the right people [39:52]
  • Final thought from Brittney Kosev and where to find her [43:14]

Brittney Kosev

Over the last several years, Brittney has broken personal goals in her production and skill set. 2022 was a big year with her reaching $31,000,000 in sales. Each transaction was a growth opportunity to better herself for her clients.

Prior to real estate, Brittney was a school librarian in various ISDs across the state of Texas. She loved teaching and the joy she found while helping her students develop a love for reading. About the same time Brittney became a single mom, she decided to broaden her horizons and start selling real estate part-time. Brittney would teach all day then sell in the evening. It was busy, especially with the kids, but she LOVED it. Brittney started selling it ALL: commercial buildings, residential, tenant representation, and multifamily. After doing both careers for 2 years, she finally got the nerve up to leave education. It was scary but paid off!​

With triple the amount of time at her disposal, Brittney was able to reach more clients and personal goals. She wanted to learn more about investing and started following the Biggerpockets podcast which led her to begin growing my portfolio. She is a part-owner in 8 units, a mixture of short and long term rentals, and 100% owner in 3 long term rentals. Building her own portfolio has ignited a fire inside her, and her new goal is to help as many of her clients and agents grow their own assets. Whether you are looking to buy a personal home, invest in multifamily, house hack, wholesale, flip, use creative financing, or grow your rental portfolio, Brittney and her team are here to help.

Let BK Real Estate help you reach your real estate goals in 2023!

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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