1174: SMS Marketing Made Simple With Jennifer Hay

September 14, 2023

Looking for a simple way to get started with SMS marketing? On this podcast with SimpleTexting’s Jennifer Hay, we discuss how real estate professionals can quickly leverage one of today’s most powerful marketing tools: texting. In addition to covering how to stay compliant, Jennifer shares the types of texts that work best for buyers and sellers and the best texting tools for busy Realtors. Listen and learn how to start selling more homes with a simple system for text-message marketing.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • The problem with email marketing [1:33]
  • About SimpleTexting and how it helps real estate professionals [2:23]
  • Ways a Realtor can use texting in their real estate business [4:22]
  • Features that SimpleTexting offers over the typical real estate CRM [6:39]
  • Why cold texting prospects is a bad idea [10:03]
  • Getting your number registered for text marketing [11:54]
  • Advice for getting started with text marketing [13:37]
  • The compliant way to collect numbers for text marketing [14:11]
  • Keys to getting the right responses when marketing via text [15:34]
  • Why you should send short, personalized text messages [16:46]
  • When to switch from texting to a phone call [17:59]
  • What makes SimpleTexting turnkey [19:55]
  • Options for communicating via text and calls with SimpleTexting [23:22]
  • A feature for protecting your work-life balance [25:25]
  • How to convert email leads into texting prospects [27:03]
  • The easy way to start text marketing [29:05]
  • How to get a free trial with SimpleTexting [31:26]

Jennifer Hay

Jennifer has been at SimpleTexting since 2019, started on the Support/Onboard team, worked as an Account Executive and now leads the Sales Team at SimpleTexting. Works with many businesses in real estate, ecomm/retail, and SMBs of all kinds. Prior to that, she practiced law for 7 years, specializing in litigation. She’s a Texan at heart and now lives in North Palm Beach, FL with her fiance and mini dachshund puppy.

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